Crying Foul: Why Swearing Users Are Punished

NBA 2K14 players noticed that when they used swear words during a game they got penalized in the way of a technical foul. While sports stars are expected to be well-behaved when they are on the pitch, I find it somewhat strange seeing the same rules being applied to a videogame. While this started happening for Kinect owners in NBA 2K13 for 360, it now applies to Xbox One and PS4 users in the latest incarnation of the game. Thankfully, users have the option of disabling voice capture or detaching the Kinect and PS Camera.

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logan_izer101984d ago

"My thinking is that if you can detect swear words initially, then why can’t you just censor them with a beep?"

Clearly you don't understand how streaming and processing works. If someone swears, it would likely take seconds until it would properly recognize it and perform an action. A censor beep would be 3 seconds too late

XtraTrstrL1984d ago

Yeah, it doesn't quite work that easily. That's funny that Microsoft will ban you for swearing in a private skype call though. It doesn't get much stupider than that.

princejb1341984d ago

im glad they do this
some of these kids go overboard
i had a kid tell me "i swears he's gonna kill me and eat my babies" on cod

curtis921984d ago

...and you want to take away their ability to kill in a virtual fantasy world?

mhunterjr1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

These sports games are supposed to be sims... why is it a surprise that the same rules would apply?

Also if gamers don't want this feature they can turn it off...

Personally, as a former athlete I would leave it on. It sounds pretty immersive as keeping your emotions in check is part of the game. It's much better than before, where techs would come from the cpu, seemingly at random or they were just non-existent.

iceman061984d ago

Only problem is that it can be imprecise. I said the phrase "bad luck" and got a tech. I then actually cursed loudly...after the play...and...NOTHING!?!? LOL I don't mind it for immersion. I just hope that it gets more precise.

PS3Freak1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


I get it's a real rule, but some things should be left out.

Callediceman1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I had a guy back during halo 2 days say and i quote " I used to rape guys like you in prison" It was the funniest and most terrifying thing ive ever heard during a multiplayer match... i still laugh about it to this day.. (and i totally think he meant it )

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