New Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer

Konami reveals a new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer, where you can see a new environment. Enjoy.

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diefor4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

This is true? It will be a new remake of MGS? I cant wait. Perhaps it could be inside MGS 4:GoP

Mandaspt4960d ago

Maybe you can play MGS via octocam...

rucky4960d ago

This is probably just like that. But we never know, Kojima's craziness makes him one of the most unpredictable person on earth.

sonarus4960d ago

lol but we all knew MGS couldn't just go out like that.

Maybe in a dream we might get to play as snake in MGS1 but this better not be a remake. FVK THAT. I would be 100% dissappointed in kojima if so

Kleptic4960d ago

yeah that was definitely shadow moses island, at least most likely considering the poor video quality...

but yeah, before it even mentioned replaying MGS I started flipping out...because that was DEFINITELY Solid Snake in the shadow moses part, not old snake...but then old snake said about the dream stuff...

sounds awesome...even if you play certain parts of MGS through flashbacks or something...can't wait to do it...

Keowrath4960d ago

lol yeah Rucky, the main character for MGS4 will be the MK II and you just support Snake through his final mission.

Or maybe we play the game as Meryl OR maybe we play the game as Liquid and you can make Ocelots arm spaz out or maybe I'm just being far too silly...

Bonsai12144960d ago

i'm guessing you'll be able to replay it via flashback. which would be immense... they do need to fill up 50gb with something :-p

MADGameR4960d ago

This is DEFINATELY not a remake but, its MGS4 entirely, I think they just packed in MGS1 into MGS4 as the ''Snake dream''. Nowonder Hideo was complaining saying that it might not fit in 50GB Blu Ray....

zane_78494960d ago

Time will tell, but that video looked pretty janky- not sure I believe any of it, plus why would an official Konami trailer have an advertisement for Assasins Creed in it?

JimmyHACK4959d ago

being that one of the two last unknown locations in mgs4 is a "fan favorite" and people guessing shadow moses was in it.. here is our spoiler confirmation..

it's like the asassins solid vid kinda joking.. showing off shadow moses mgs1/twin snakes/brawl.. then like the AC vid they use a skin of young snake in the mgs4 part.. i really gotta start boycotting this stuff,,, i kinda figured shadow moses was in the game but i didn't exactly want to see it till i have the game.

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Greysturm4960d ago

the game will bring you back to shadow moses probably for your final encounter with liquid.

solidjun54960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

i thought the final encounter would be Outer Heaven where it a began (at least for snake).

Either way, i am so excited about this game. And the fact you can play as "young snake" brings back memories as playing as snake from MGS1 (hence the trailers). Someone pointed this out to me a week ago, but it's been a while since we (the gamers) get to play as that snake in the trailer shown above. Yea i know Big Boss looked exactly like snake from MGS3 but you know what i mean. I can't wait...ohhh nostalgia (sp?)

Keowrath4960d ago

I was wondering if the Rex vs Ray battle we've seen in previous trailers was at Shadow moses.

Didn't Liquid-Ocelot call Outer Heaven something else in MGS4?

Just over a month to go...

Codeman4204959d ago

no Liquid didnt. t was originally call outer HAVEN when big boss made it. Now Liquid is making Outer Heaven. Or at least thats wat i got from the disk for the preorder. But anyways i think we will be going back to Shadow Moses. They have said that there is wat 5 places we will be going to and 1 we havent heard about yet. I think its shadow moses. And another thing why has young snake showed up in now two trailers? I think we will be able to play as him at some point in the game. But thats just wat i think.

Reality4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

I just see green, green and green, blue, blue, snow.

go and make a movie kojima, your ideas are too limited for a tiny 50GB disk.

niall774960d ago


your fan niall077

AllroundGamer4960d ago

wow that would be so awesome, if MGS4 would include a new remake of MGS1!

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