Wii U sells 220k in November: What Nintendo can do in 2014 to turn things around

Following the news that the Wii U sold a paltry 220k units in the US during November despite the holiday shopping season and Mario 3D World's release, Gimme Gimme Games writes about a few things Nintendo could do to help turn around the system in the new year.

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Vojkan1987d ago

what? nothing, it doesn't matter at this point.

They didn't cut the price before PS4/X1 release. If it was sub 200usd with a game I would have got one. If it was 199 with Zombie U? Instant buy. But Nintendo lives in their own world, so its pointless to say anything

EcoSos31987d ago

They did drop the price before they came out to $300 and it includes two games. Also sub $200 its unrealistic because the console cost more than that to produce.

LOL_WUT1987d ago

If Nintendo would somehow swap the gamepad for a pro controller they could've easily dropped the price to $200. I honestly wish I could one day have a Nintendo console that could be my main and only console with full support from all sorts of devs. I still get how people are ok with it being a secondary console ;)

iamnsuperman1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

It may be unrealistic but Nintendo needs to shift more units fast. They need more out their so they can get a larger return for when people buy games. I think they should have been doing a special sub 200 deal before Christmas (get people to buy this along with the other systems) then do a real price cut within the year (probably before next Christmas).

Despite what people say the reason why the Wii was successful wasn't just down to the motion controls. It was dirt cheap as well. It became the other console people own (as well as a PS3 or 360). I think Nintendo need to think about that risk a go aggressively for it (bare in mind third party support just isn't their so asking plus 200 is an ask for a lot of consumers)

swapping the tablet controller for a pro controller would be suicide for the system. There would be nothing (apart from the price and some games) that would move the system.

mikeslemonade1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

There's nothing they can do unless Reggie and Miyamoto decide to nuke Microsoft and Sony's headquarters and manufacturing facilities.

Price won't do it either. Gamecube was the cheaper option and how did that do?? Just face it, the Wii was a one hit wonder that snowballed from Wii Sports, the DS, and first motion controller dedicated system.

Now they bring out WiiU which they shoot themselves it the foot because they didn't improve on motion technology while still using the same controller. Casual gamers don't want that. They looking for the next iteration of motion technology like the Kinect but cheaper made by Nintendo.

EcoSos31987d ago

Lowering the price and selling more consoles will do nothing for the WiiU it will not bring most of the 3rd party developer. Because why they should bother with "weak" hardware, even though they still are making games for the ps3 and 360.

darthv721987d ago

if they were to play to the 'ds' crowd it could do wonders. Meaning they find a way to let those who play on the ds and 3ds play those games on the wii-u it could lead to some pretty good results.

no doubt nintendo has a huge hit on their "hands" with their handheld division. So by incorporating handheld gaming compatibility with the wii-u could be beneficial.

VC games on the wii/wii-u could expand to play handheld games. using the wii-u to smooth the rough edges of games that would normally play on the ds/3ds. it wouldnt require any new hardware (like the vita tv) as the gamepad could emulate the bottom screen of the ds/3ds.

granted it would lack the "3d" feature but it could still work. I mean there have been times i wished i could play a ds game on the tv. Wii-u could actually provide that IF nintendo really wanted to.

who knows, it could sell to the millions of ds/3ds owners and be an even bigger hit than the wii.

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Chrischi19881987d ago

Yeah, and I would get a PS4 for $200, but guess what, Sony has to pay for making the console, they cant just lower the prices, because somebody else cries for it being cheaper.

ChickeyCantor1987d ago

"But Nintendo lives in their own world, so its pointless to say anything"

Watch out everyone, we got a business guy over here.

lilbroRx1987d ago

Why would they sell their hardware at a $100 loss?

Explain how that would help them make more money?

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staticdash221987d ago

Agreed. Especially on a Wii U redesign to cut costs across the board.

Nintendo can come back, because look at Sony. But its gonna take swallowing their pride and making some decisions that may not pay off immediately.

Skip_Bayless1987d ago

Will they come back? No

Too many things working against them. The casual gamers are either sticking with the Wii(and not really playing it) or getting the better motion technology from PS4 and X1.

Chrischi19881987d ago

Better motion technology^^

miyamoto1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

ps3's secret comeback weapon was massive 3rd party support like EA, Valve, Crytek, Epic Games all jumped in 2010 after Uncharted 2 was released. Aside from that was winning its anti-piracy war against hackers

lilbroRx1987d ago

You mean EA. Most of those of those companies are all published by EA and everyone knows that EA is butt hurt over the origin deal.

miyamoto1987d ago

3rd party is PS3's strenth
PS3 is "on fire", says EA's Schappert
Likes it so much he should just marry it.

By Ellie Gibson Published Monday, 28 June 2010

The artist formerly known as Microsoft's corporate vice president of Xbox Live has come out in support of the company's biggest rival.

John Schappert, who is now chief operating officer at Electronic Arts, appears to have put his loyalties behind him since he left MS a year ago.

"We're platform agnostic," he told IGN. "That being said, we partnered with Sony on the press conference; we were on their stage and got to announce some things.

"I wouldn't read too much into what we're showing the demos on, but I will tell you, in the marketplace, the PlayStation 3 is doing incredibly well."

In fact, Schappert said, since the Slim and the Kevin Butler ad campaign were introduced, PS3 is "on fire". He added, "We like them all, but PlayStation 3 is doing very strong right now."

So what is it about PS3 that sends Schappert from six to midnight? Why, just look at the extra storage space Blu-ray offers, he said. This means EA can offer special editions of games like Dead Space and Medal of Honor.

"We partner with Microsoft on a ton of products, but those are just two good opportunities we had with Sony that we wanted to highlight," said Schappert.

Good luck Nintendo if you can pull this off

stuna11987d ago

What's really sad is the ones holding on to the dream that this is somehow going tto change! All everyone here keeps hearing is; Zombie U is going to be a system seller! Oh I meant to say, SMW3 is going to be a system seller! Oh I meant to say Pikman is going to be a system seller! Oh this time it's a charm the wonderful 101 is definitely the one to look out for. All this time fans have put their hopes and aspirations into title after title thinking it will be the one that starts the WII U rocketing to the moon, but this should snap them back to reality ! The WII U has underproform during the biggest shopping day of the year and games had nothing to do with that!because if that was true, where would that leave the PS4 and Xbox1!?

Thatguy-3101987d ago

I agree with you to an extent HOWEVER Nintendo is like Sony in how the exclusive line up grows. It doesn't matter if a title isn't a hit out the door. The best thing is that when someone does decide to get a wii u when the price is a good the console will have a plethora of exclusives to get. Imagine someone getting a ps3 and having the long catalog of exclusives that the system had. The problem with Wii U is simply third party support. I would never choose it over the others simply because the multiplatform games that I want won't be on it. There is no point in getting one when all you have is exclusives and even then that's limited.

stragomccloud1987d ago

The thing is that those games should be system sellers since they are all great games. It's just that nobody is buying the system due to consumer confusion and the spread of misinformation by overly zealous fanboys.

1987d ago
RackLug1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

i am also underwhelmed with the ps4, bf4 plays and looks like shit on the ps4 compared to a decent pc, killzone is rubbish and then you have COD thats about it

Chrischi19881987d ago

And CoD is not exactly exclusive, if we only talk gameplay and take the multiplayer aspect, then Wii Us Version, because of Off TV play, is the best, one friend plays on TV, the other on the Gamepad and that with online multiplayer is great.

R00bot1987d ago

The Wii U version of CoD also has Wii remote pointer controls, which can make the game feel much faster and responsive, as well as improving the immersion.

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