Battlefield 4: Overview of Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)

The designated marksman rifles, often referred to as DMRs, are a new weapon type in the Battlefield game series. They bridge the gap between snipers and assault rifles. Learn all about each DMR available in Battlefield 4. Everything from base stats to recommended attachments is covered for these all-kit weapons.

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MWong1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I love DMRs especially the ACE 53V and MK11, but to me they seem so much weaker compared to BF3. I usually run with HOLO optics and a suppressor. I hope the M417 makes a BF4 comeback though.

Alduin1991d ago

They are a bit weaker. At least they feel like they are. Which is why you don't see many people using them in BF4.

THEDON82z11991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I was a hardcore SKS man myself but they severely gimped the dmr in bf4 forcing me to eventually move to carbines; while I will eventually go back....they need to do a patch for them because compared to bf3 they suck....simply not powerful enough.

Kleptic1991d ago

yeah, you guys are not mistaken...just check out...they dropped min damage from DMR's WAY down compared to BF3...and accuracy for them, especially while moving, is worse than AR's and carbines...

they were supposed to be the go to choice for mid range...but, they're severely out-classed currently at any range...they'll get messed with for sure, so i'm not even bothering with them right now...unlocked a few, the sks is ok accuracy wise...just laughable at taking out targets past 30 meters...still takes like 4 bullets, which is the same as an AR...

loulou1990d ago

leave it out, these guns are overpowered. the mk11 in particular. they can out shoot anything and imo should be removed... imo ofcourse

Nafon1990d ago

I thought that the MK11 was the best DMR until I got the SCAR. Their stats are nearly identical, except slightly lower horizontal recoil on the SCAR but slightly lower muzzle velocity.

The DMRs in BF3 had a starting damage of 50 and end damage of 37, so that meant 2 hit kills at close range and 3 hit kills everywhere else, whereas the BF4 carbines have a max damage of 43 and min of 30, so 3 to 4 hit kills depending on range. For a semi automatic weapon, that does make a noticeable difference.

I believe they said the damage was lowered because they are now all class and saw that DMRs were overused if the damage was as it was in BF3.

famoussasjohn1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I just find these guns annoying. When I'm getting shot at with one all I hear is the bullet wizzing by me because people just tap their trigger as fast as they can and miss 90% of their shots.

qu1ckset1990d ago

I also used the SKS in bf3 was such a good gun! Really good at that mid/long range for what it was and also had a quick firing rate for a twitch no scope close range stand off. I was excited about working on my DMR class but found they were pretty useless and felt really nerfed , I thought it might of just been me but apparently not!

Alduin1990d ago

Nope. It's definitely been downgraded in BF4. Hopefully they'll buff the DMRs at some point because as they are, they're next to useless.

THEDON82z11990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

It feels [email protected] good to know I am not the only one...cumn from bf3 I had about 16,000 kills with my SKS an was looking to hit about 40,000 in bf4. But as of now I guess that's put on hold!!!

BALLARD321990d ago

I have no problems put a beating on people with the DMRs in BF4. It actually takes a bit of skill to use them. They're much weaker now because they're all class weapons. They weren't intended to be used as run and gun weapons in BF3.

Matt6661990d ago

Bring the high powered scopes to the DMR's in BF4, since the real life counter parts are usually used as a semi-auto snipers or used for long range anyway