Super Mario 3D World has the worst attach rate of any 3D Mario

It looks like Super Mario 3D World's early sales aren't great and when compared against the US debuts of Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy things look even worse.

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dedicatedtogamers1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

That's because Super Mario 3D World is not a system seller (like many people claimed).

That's because the Mario brand is stagnating, not due to lack of new mechanics (there are plenty of those) but due to lack of new content/locales/ideas.

Stay with me.

Imagine if Fallout 1, 2, 3, Tactics, FO3, and FO:New Vegas all took place on the same map with the same assets, the same enemies, and the same NPCs, just with progressively better graphics.

That's what is going on with Mario.

Super Mario Bros showed us the Mushroom Kingdom. SMB2 showed us Sub-Con. SMB3 showed us way MORE than just the Mushroom Kingdom (we were able to travel to other lands and save other kings). Super Mario World showed us Dinosaur Land.

But since then? Nothing new. The exploration has stopped. It is the same worlds, the same enemies, the same ideas with a new window-dressing. It is a similar problem with modern Zelda games. I don't want more clever ways of doing the same puzzles or using the same items. I want to explore more areas and have new adventures.

wonderfulmonkeyman1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

You've entirely dismissed Galaxy 1 and 2.
And Sunshine.
And SM64.

How were none of these possessed of more content/locales/ideas?

They had plenty.

Mario's not having issues with new ideas being mixed into the old.

It's the Wii U's reception by the gaming public due to bad advertisement efforts, poor third party ports, and not enough other big-hit titles at launch, that caused the game to not get the traditional sales most 3D Mario games are used to.

The reviews are showing that it's a critically acclaimed game. It's got plenty of new content.
Also, people aren't giving it a chance due to how similar it looks in some areas to New Super Mario Bros. People have a false impression of it due to that stigma, and sadly, in this day and age, first appearances mean a lot to people.
It's got a ton of replay value and a lot of the levels are genuinely fun and challenging, especially when going for all the green stars or when playing with more than one player.

The game's quality is not the big issue. It's not so stale that it's no longer fun.

dedicatedtogamers1986d ago

SM64 still took place in the Mushroom kingdom, though I do admit it was very fun to explore the castle. But most of the locales were simply 3D versions of 2D levels we'd already been to. Nothing wrong with that but not all that new, either.

Sunshine took us to Delphino(sp?) and I admit it was a new the sense that there were new NPCs. However, it wasn't really that much different than the mushroom kingdom was it?

Galaxy 1 and 2 were both fractured mish-mashes of nostalgia. What in Galaxy was actually "new"? The planetoids were exactly that: planetoids. They were tiny little chunks of land to run around in. There was no world to explore, no expansion of the Mario universe.

If you like those games, fine.

But this article is about SM3dW's poor attach rate, and I am pointing out that Mario as a franchise has been on a downward spiral and the sales agree.

Concertoine1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

^i agree about galaxy and 64, but completely disagree with sunshine.
and i do think that mario needs to be more adventurous and varied like it used to be. Think about this people, there is not ONE goomba in sunshine. Or koopa. Nothing but new enemies and settings...
Also sales really don't agree. mario galaxy sold better then sunshine, galaxy 2 sold better than sunshine too, though not better than galaxy. 3D land outsold galaxy 2. the new super games are smash hits (as much as i dislike them).

Metallox1986d ago

I absolutely don't agree with you. You don't need new things to make something old to feel it new. In fact, that's why I'm impressed with Nintendo, I have played SM3DW and it's incredibly fun. The best Mario game since the first Galaxy, I think. I'm impressed because the game it's incredibly polished, and thanks to this, it feels very new without being it.

The reason that the game isn't selling very well at all, it's because the Wii U's situation, not because Mario is "getting old".

Loadedklip1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

So thats why last year's Super Mario 3D Land "only" sold 9 million units so far right? Right?

The reason World hasnt sold as well is just because its on the Wii U. The Mario franchise is carrying the Wii U alone so far in terms of big name games. Mario can only do so much. The price is still seen as too expensive for most people.

-Foxtrot1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Well once they do the actual spiritual successor to 64, Sunshine and Galaxy...a successor with gameplay elements or settings no one has seen before in ANY Mario title I'm sure it will end up beating Mario records and will be the main seling point of the Wii U if Smash Bros or Mario Kart don't end up doing that first.

Super Mario 3D World despite being a good game is nothing anyone hasn't seen before. It's basically a huge, expanded, improved HD version of Super Mario 3D Land - the clue is in the title, just like New Super Mario Bros on DS was to New Super Mario Bros Wii and then NSMB U.

So yeah don't count it out yet because this Mario game isn't a successor to past 3D Mario games, once we get the successor which will blow us away then you'll see numbers skyrocket.

Want to know why 3D World isn't the successor

1) The obvious's a bigger version of the 3DS game


2) With 64, Sunshine and Galaxy they were Mario games you had NEVER seen before, the setting, gameplay elements and new characters were never seen in past Mario games or even handheld games however 3D World has been done before.

I predict we could see an open world Mario game if we are lucky.

Neo Nugget1986d ago

Ugh. Mario Galaxy 3, please D:

R00bot1986d ago

I haven't got it yet. Hoping to get it for Christmas. I hope this is what everyone else is thinking.

Zodiac1986d ago

This title makes it sound like the attach rate is 1%

The attach rate is 2% less than sunshine at launch, and 5% less than Galaxy at launch.

It's really not that bad.

Anyway, it is a fantastic game and some of the most pure fun, just pure fun. It is a fun time, which is something not a lot of games can do.

I advise all Wii U owners to give it a look, and all potential Wii U owners too check it out as well.

weekev151986d ago

Yep its not bad and when you pick apart the articpe further you see that they have compared 9 days of data for 3D World agaist an entire month for the rest. There is still time for the game to have a better attach rate than either of the games mentioned.

Why do the gaming mediaa insist on hating on Nintendo so much?

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