There should be a The Last of Us: Game Of The Year Edition For PS4

Yesterday someone at neogaf community posted image of amazon page listing Last of us game of the year edition for ps4, but that's not true its a complete haux someone smarty made it up. But it's a valid question to ask, shouldn't we have it?

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-Foxtrot1984d ago

I would buy it

I'm going to have to sell my PS3 to pay for a PS4 when they finally get them back in stock so I won't be able to play the DLC. Best thing they can do is do a GOTY edition with ALL the DLC and sell it

However if they do this I beg them to add the gore they cut from the PAL versions of the online. Why should the UK have to suffer because of stupid German laws, the gore and graphic scenes are in the single player why are the cut from the online.

Corpser1984d ago

It would actually need to win one game of the year

Hellsvacancy1984d ago

And has, It's my Game Of The Year, followed by Terraria (LOVE that game)

I'm just one person though, so my opinion doesn't matter to anyone


Twignberries1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

It's only won game of ALL TIME in many many hearts. Mine included. Those who haven't experienced it, or have but weren't instantly blown away by it must be: A. Not human. Or B. Doesn't understand art whatsoever..

jeeves861984d ago

Lol, I like how your opinion of a game completely invalidates my existence and my understanding.

The last of us was good, but far too overrated in my opinion.

Twignberries1983d ago

Yep @jeeves86. You no longer exist nor understand anything :)

ravinash1984d ago

As much as I would like to see TLoU on PS4, I would rather they focus their attention on either TLoU2 or a new IP.
Love the game, but I have played it now.
I want to see what else ND can do!

OrangePowerz1984d ago

While I would like to replay the game with up to date graphics there are other games that should be focused on to make right now. Having a PS4 version down the road before the next Last of Us comes out would be ok. It has only been 6 months ago since it came out.

TheRealTedCruz1984d ago

I would definitely re-grab the game were it to be released on the PS4. It is already a very good looking game, but the lack of resolution and AA, I feel, takes a fair bit away from that.
To see the game in 1080p with no jaggies would be a great thing.

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