Doki-Doki Universe Review: Have A Heart | Polygon

Doki-Doki Universe doesn't just join the recent trend of games not focused on conflict; it takes a spot at the front of the charge.

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1990d ago
mixelon1990d ago

I agree with this review.. Its very weird but the personality tests are addictive and the weiting is great. Super cute game.

Not exactly what i'll load up to show off the PS4 but i hope we get more weird stuff like this anyway.

monochromer1989d ago

Like people visit Polygon.

r211989d ago

*spits water* Huh?!

ErryK1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Wow. They gave the next-gen launch games crap but this one gets a stellar score... not that it's bad but it's bogus, the score difference.