Xbox One is Fastest Selling Console in the US; November NPD Group Figures Revealed

Xbox has seen record-breaking sales with the recent announcement of Xbox One selling more than 2 million units through to consumers worldwide since its launch. November NPD Group figures released today revealed 909,132 Xbox One units were sold in the U.S. in the console’s first nine days, making it the fastest selling console on the market in the U.S. Xbox One sales averaged a volume of more than 101,000 consoles per day, significantly outpacing the nearest competitor.

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GamersHeaven2783d ago ShowReplies(7)
Lovable2783d ago

Limited supplies hurts both consoles sales. It would have great if they could supply the stores.

dedicatedtogamers2783d ago

Only that Microsoft wasn't having any supply issues over the last few weeks. It has been proven time and time again that Xbox One is still widely available on store shelves across the USA.

PS4 sold over 1 million in NA in 24 hours.

It took Xbox One more than 9 days to achieve that, and with no supply constraints (it wasn't sold out, despite what Microsoft tried to tell you).

Sarcasm2783d ago

Actually they still didn't achieve it and is short by about 200,000 units.

n4rc2783d ago

Ya.. Because you know national stock levels..

Display boxes aren't consoles.. I haven't seen a single ps4 or x1 sitting on a shelf ANYWHERE.. Plenty of display boxes for both but all empty..

AnthonyJrWTF2783d ago

But what's fascinating is that last week's argument was that having green consoles on shelves meant no one was buying them. ;)

creatchee2783d ago


I would love to see you achieve something good or even great at your job and have somebody pop out of nowhere and tell you why your achievement means nothing and that your competitor is way better than you. A taste of your own medicine, as it were.

dedicatedtogamers2783d ago

@ creatchee

If my job was to be a PR mouthpiece for a company and then I spun numbers and my customers called me out on my BS?

Yeah, I think that'd be okay. I'd chalk it up as a part of my job.

mikeslemonade2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Canada's population 34.88 million. Let's do some math here:

USA 313.9 million people
Canada 34.88 million people
PS4 sells 1,000,000 units in the NA(US+CA)
X1 sells 909,000 units in the US

-> 1.111*909,000=1,009,899 units projected

So just going by ratios the X1 should have sold 1,009,899 in the 9 days including Canada which is higher the PS4's 1 mil. However PS4 did that in one day.

Once again MS spinning and almost even tricked me until I was reminded by fellow PlayStation fans that MS did not in fact break records. They're just spinning statistics by probably going to excel and filtering columns to see what numbers come in their favor.

DragonKnight2783d ago

I am so tired of Microsoft's spin language. There is no way they are the fastest selling console in the U.S. unless compared to themselves. 1 million in 24 hours vs 900k in 9 days. Does Microsoft even math?

Wow. They don't have anything to be ashamed of, so why try to spin it the way they did? Is the only way they can sell their product to be deceitful?

mikeslemonade2783d ago

Haha from this point forward we will just call they're spinning as "Zombie Stats". They started this whole thing about how many zombies they killed in dead rising and how many miles were driven in forza.

Dasteru2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


I'm fairly sure when MS says "US", they actually mean NA. You have to remember MS is an american company, so to them the US most likely is seen as the entirety of NA.

Dee_912782d ago

Wait. so how are they the fastest selling console in the US if they sold 900k in 9 days and the PS4 sold 1million in 24 hours?
That isn't a spin that is a straight up lie..
They should clear this up because I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that got some numbers screwed up or thought the ps4 sold 1million world wide in 24hr or something.Because right now its looking like denial.

gigoran2782d ago

So how exactly is the xbone the fastest seller? This makes no sense. Obviously having sold a million in one day the ps4 is the fastest seller. There must be some weird scientific plasma field black hole alternate dimension mathematics going on here.

InactiveUser2782d ago

Bullshit statistics.

Like how a car company claims a 7 year 100000mile waranty is better than a 10 year 100000mile waranty, because you get more miles per year.... When in reality you just get 3 less years.

This statistic is true today, taking the total and dividing by the number of days available, but this was not true two weeks ago and it won't be true again soon as the PS4 continues to outpace it. Just a smaller sample size of days dividing the obviously peak launch day sales.

ChrisW2782d ago


Could it possibly be that "no supply constraints" means "meeting the demand"?

AndrewLB2782d ago

Sales figures are always calculated on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. The fact remains that the Xbone sold more units in the month of November than Sony did with it's PS4. Amount sold in the first 24 hours means absolutely nothing in the business world if that's all the product they can make available. Apple's iPhone and iPad sell in massive numbers on launch day. Far more than any android phone. But we all know that doesn't translate into that same rate of demand as days progress.
It is widely known that Playstation owners/buyers have very similar purchasing habits as Apple owners. They both pre-order new products in very large numbers and are extremely brand loyal.

I know this will get tons of disagrees, which will further illustrate my point.

mcstorm2782d ago

Lol this site is full of bitter people for some reason. Dose it really matter to you that much that the xbox one is selling well? In fact it seems if its a none Sony products that is doing well you all come up with excuses that its really not and if its a sony product doing bad that it will turn it around.

The xbox one is selling better than you all thought it would but that dose not mean it will carry on and the same with the PS4 just look at the Wiiu 1st few months sales and what happened after that but then again they could all have better sales as of next year just like the 3DS or PS3 did.

Get over it sales really don't have an impact on your day. If you like the Sony consoles great go and enjoy them. If you like the Nintendo ones enjoy them too and the same for the Microsoft ones.

If your a gamer then enjoy them all and the new generation is here people lests enjoy what the developers have for us and lest hope we can change the top 10 charts next Christmas rather than it being COD, BF, NFS, FIFA, AC ect.

Automatic792782d ago


You just can't accept the fact that MS is doing well. Even more your crusade to put a negative spin on Xbox constantly reeks of fanboyism.

AsimLeonheart2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )


WTH are you talking about? PS4 SOLD THE MOST IN NOVEMBER. Although you can argue that it had more days of sales (16 as compared to 9 for Xbone). MS is just putting a spin on their numbers by dividing the first 9 days of sales (909,132) over the last 9 days of November and claiming that they sold the "fastest" (101,000 per day). The PS4 launched on November 15 so they had 16 days sales in the US so there "sales per day" number would naturally be lower. On the other hand, Xbone launched on November 22 so they only had 9 days of sales so their "per day sales" are higher. Just try dividing 1,000,000 by 16 and 9 and see the answers you get. MS has nothing solid to thump their chest about so they resort to meaningless "sales per day" figure.

wquach2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I'm sick of all the people here bickering over the difference with Sony using NA numbers vs. U.S. figures etc. or those focused on the supplies constrained and therefore being the reason why MS can make their claim.


I'll give you guys examples of how deceptive they measured this stat is:

What they mean by "fastest" is average sold per day on the market.

Adixon on Neogaf had a great analogy to this:

"Let's apply this new "fastest selling" metric of Microsoft's to other game sales of the month. I think Nintendo PR might need some help, they seem a bit too straightforward with their numbers:

New WiiU title Super Mario 3D World is fastest selling game when compared side by side with huge blockbuster games.

Super Mario 3D World -- 24,444 average sales per day
Call of Duty: Black Ops -- 14,337 average sales per day
GTA IV -- 5,500 average sales per day
Mario 3D World -- 9 days on the market
Call of Duty: Black Ops -- 1116 days on the market
GTA IV -- about 2000 days on the market?"

It's even possible for the PS4 to sell more units per day and STILL have a lower average than the Xbox One.

For example:

900,000 day one. 30,000 each additional day for a total of 1,350,000.
Average 84,375 sold per day over 16 days.

Xbox One
709,000 day one. 25,000 each additional day for a total of 909,000.
Average 101,000 sold per day over 9 days.

Scary how a lot of you guys aren't reading what they're emphasizing about these "average units per day sold.

The longer you're on the market for, the lower your average will be. The additional days continue to dilute the insanely high 24 hour launch number.

JeffGUNZ2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

@ Dedicatedtogamers

I don't know where you live, but finding an Xbox around me is nearly impossible. Every store is sold out and online is very far and few between. Same goes for PS4. I live in Scranton, PA, a decently populated area, close to Wilkes-Barre, which is a huge shopping district. Sold out everywhere. Both consoles are doing well.

mewhy322782d ago

this number reflects both the 360 and the bone. The PS4 alone sold more than 1mil units in the U.S. in it's first 24 hrs.

J-R2782d ago

The numbers and stats being represented are not relevant as they are not comparing the same time period.

fr0sty2782d ago

Headline should read: "Microsoft is fastest sales number spinning console manufacturer of all time."

Lets ignore the fact that PS4 reached MS' 1 million mark in a day, when it took them a week. Lets ignore that stock has been diverted to other countries for their launches. Lets ignore the fact that XO has been in stock many times since, at major retailers like Best Buy and Amazon (indicating slower sales) despite that many agree that both are being manufactured at around the same rate of a million per month. Lets ignore the fact that PS4 still had well over 2 million sold last time Sony updated us weeks ago. Spin spin spin until you get dizzy and forget what you were talking about. The Microsoft way.

reaperofsouls2782d ago

xbone sells 1 million to retail, not to customers like the ps4

Kleptic2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

JeffGunz...My fiance and I picked up an Xbox One for her younger brother (its a gift from her entire family for him)...I work in State College, PA...called the local Best Buy there, and they've had them in stock since the monday after Thanksgiving...walked in and got one with no was the first place in town i tried...

so if you're looking for one, i'm guessing thats around 2 hours from you? The dude said they've been selling well, but haven't had any issues with keeping One's in stock...PS4 he simply said 'good luck' haha...whatever that i wouldn't try that store if you're looking for that console too...

EVILDEAD3602782d ago

As I predicted forever...

Microsoft is selling out of everything the ship from the system this holiday. The quarterly numbers are going to be a fun watch.

The X1 will be a success despite the 100 dollar price point that some thought would hinder it.

Shipments hurt numbers of both consoles as they do for every launch.


ToyboxDX2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

@ mcstorm, the point is MS DID NOT sell better. Period. Apparently you missed the memo.

PS4 sold MORE THAN 1 million in 24hrs and XBone sold UPTO 900K in 9days!

I hope you can do the maths, though seeing your reply I may have doubts.

As usual MS likes to spin the data to their advantage, in other words, outright lying.

MS only managed to get close to PS4's 1 Dec number on 11 Dec, a 10 days difference.

It's sad to see articles such as these can just outright lie about the data.

FACT is PS4 had the biggest launch of ALL systems.

FACT is PS4 is the fastest selling console compared to XBone.

FACT is as of 7 Dec there is 2.4 million PS4 and only 1.9 million XBone.

The rest doesn't matter at all no matter how MS tries to spin the data.

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Evilsnuggle2783d ago

How is xboned hurt by stock supply. XBoned have been in stock And is in supply . I have seen xBoned in stores. PS4 have been sold out a launch And have 2.5 million on backorder alone at Gamestop. Please don't kid yourself. PS4 is selling 78% higher resell than the xbone. When Sony gets the units it will quadruple The sell of xboned . PS4 sold out at launch. It took almost 3 weeks to sell less XBoned than PS4 did in 24H twice. get real

Elit3Nick2783d ago

I see why you have one bubble...

dmeador2783d ago

PS4 is selling 78% more just like PS4 has 78% better looking games (sarcasm). Dont know why people are on such a path to try and prove the ps is better. What do you really gain? Both consoles are selling roughly the same, with great numbers

ChrisW2782d ago


He obviously has a 'non-trolling' or 'not trolling as much' account... or more than one...

ToyboxDX2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

@elit3nick, dmeador, chrisw, he's just stating the facts.

FACT is PS4 had the biggest launch of ALL systems.

FACT is PS4 is the fastest selling console compared to XBone.

FACT is as of 7 Dec there is 2.4 million PS4 and only 1.9 million XBone.

FACT is the PS4 is supply constrained, whereas XBone is availabe everywhere even the day 1 editions.

I believe when MS launched XBone in US, they oversupply the units (plus with lesser demand), and only sold around 700K units in 1st 24hrs. And 9 days later , MS managed to sell a grand total of 900K wheres PS4 sold more than 1 million in just 24hrs.

So it took MS 9 days to play catch up to Sony, and yet they still couldn't best the 1st 24hrs sale of the PS4. This tells you guys something right?

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TheFanboySlayer2783d ago

I think its funny how there is an article on how Sony come out an say they are the Top Selling Console according to NPD. Then an article on Microsoft saying they are the fastest selling console in America. Idk they probably did beat PS4 on Average for consoles per day but sony with the 1 mil in USA and Canada is kind of insane and they probably ran out of stock early but idk im not one to talk since im not in on this stuff. I guess it all depends on how u view "fastest"...idk

Prime1572783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Thank you, the first analysis of this article that seems coherent.

Consoles per day vs first day sales... of course MS has the lead without averaging. Especially when NA to Sony meant Canada AND US... and NA to MS probably only meant US...

I mean, the best sellers list for most retail (online or stores) is usually market dependant.

TheFanboySlayer2782d ago

Everyone should check out this article to see what bloomberg got from NPD pretty interesting. It includes what they have to say about both Sony and Microsoft on their next gen consoles. Someone should post it on N4G....I dont really know how to -___-

ToyboxDX2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Up to this point, it doesn't really matter who launch first or in what number of countries etc, the final sold numbers speak for themselves.

Sony sold 2.4 million PS4 up to 7 Dec.

MS sold 1.9 million XBone up to 7 Dec.

The numbers are CRYSTAL CLEAR, however MS wanted to spin the data.

S2Killinit2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

So I just want everyone to pay attention to what was said by NPD, and then put what MS is saying in that context:

"Total retail spend on the Xbox platform (Xbox One and Xbox 360) in November (hardware, software and accessories) reached $1.21 billion, the most for any console in the U.S. (Source: NPD Group)."

This is what they call a "spin", NPD is not saying that xbox sold more than PS4, they are saying that more money was spent. XB one is $100 more expensive for each console sold, as compared to PS4. MS has taken that and came up with:

"November NPD Group figures released today revealed 909,132 Xbox One units were sold in the U.S. in the console’s first nine days, making it the fastest selling console on the market in the U.S. Xbox One sales averaged a volume of more than 101,000 consoles per day, significantly outpacing the nearest competitor."

notice the use of two paragraphs as opposed to a single paragraph, the fact that they don't mention the "competition" by name in the first paragraph. Now couple that with what we already know about PS4 selling more than 900K in the first day in the United states. So how is it that the xbone is the fastest selling console, even though it has sold less in a whole month, than PS4 sold in one day? The first paragraph is not talking about the PS4. The first paragraph is also talking in terms of "fastest selling." could it be that "fastest" refers to a particular point in time? like for example, today, when the PS4 is out of stock? Anyway.

sorry my comment doesn't have anything to do with yours, I just wanted everyone to see my comment since I think some people are getting the wrong idea due to MS's PR talk.

Xer0_SiN2783d ago

well its pretty apparent, especially around the holidays. if the ps4 is not available, uninformed customers are gonna get the next available thing. which is either the wii u or xbone. its like with cars, if the toyota is out of reach, youre probably gonna end up with a hyundai or kia LOL.

mkis0072782d ago

I work at costco and we have about 15 xbox1's left from when we got our 55 in on Tuesday 12/10/13. Not sold out and not display boxes.

AndrewLB2782d ago

Are they advertised as being in stock? Chances are people don't even know you have them. Costco is the last place i'd call when trying to find an Xbone or PS4 in stock. Why? It's a common assumption that stores like GameStop, EB, Best Buy, etc have priority.

mkis0072782d ago

I agree Andrew, they are not really advertized. But they do only cost $479.99. I guess I am just a little surprised they haven't sold out yet due to word of mouth. We have been telling people to expect them in December when they call in.

But the main point was just to say that they really are available if you care to look...If my credit wasn't tapped, I would be putting one of these next to my ps4, ps3, 360, ps2, and wii...

Meanwhile, we got a returned ps4 the other day and it was sold (unopened) within 5 minutes of me verifying it.

You are right that we didn't really have priority for xbox1 as we only got this first shipment now.
But we did somehow have 66 ps4's available on launch day which sold out within 4 hours of opening. Again, I know, it is much more likely to sell out on a launch day.

tigertom532782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Second week US sales are also in. The PlayStation 4 was severely supply constrained, which accounts for its big drop off. There was just 86,654 PS4's sold in its second week. That brings the total sales to 1,070,866 in the first two weeks. There were 306,507 Xbox One's sold in its second week. That brings the total sales to 1,039,076.

Second week US sales are also in. The PlayStation 4 was severely supply constrained, which accounts for its big drop off. There was just 86,654 PS4's sold in its second week. That brings the total sales to 1,070,866 in the first two weeks. There were 306,507 Xbox One's sold in its second week. That brings the total sales to 1,039,076.

Second week US sales are also in. The PlayStation 4 was severely supply constrained, which accounts for its big drop off. There was just 86,654 PS4's sold in its second week. That brings the total sales to 1,070,866 in the first two weeks. There were 306,507 Xbox One's sold in its second week. That brings the total sales to 1,039,076.

GarrusVakarian2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Why do you keep posting that BS number when Sony has already said they sold 2.1 as of December the 1st? .

mkis0072782d ago

US sales Lukas... don't give them ammo.

Fluke_Skywalker2782d ago

This is comical, it's worse than politics! The spin that the PR companies put on these figures is amazing! There's two articles one telling me the Xbone is the fastest selling console and another telling me the PS4 is the top selling console!
I have never seen, outside the world if politics, such utter bull crap and spin!

jamsam3602782d ago

As far as the ps4 it has sold more! But the Xbox one sold faster at the rate of time as ps4! PS4 has sold more so all you SONY FANBOYS can be happy but Xbox one was faster rate than PS4! I think its funny how people believe sonys numbers, But microsoft they call bull shit!! It shows the Bias on this site!!! Do not believe either company they both just want your mom and dads money any way!

avengers19782782d ago

Just don't look into facts or actual numbers and believe what MS says... We can all trust them as they have always been straight up about there numbers /s

Ps4Console2782d ago

When Titan Falls come out then sales will hit the roof Sony need a killer IP to combat this game .

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twdll2783d ago

I wonder if MS is still thinking about selling off Xbox?

Godmars2902783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

If there's any consideration to do so, it'll be at the end of next year, not this one.

Or else the XB1's first finical quarter.

iamnsuperman2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

That would depend how the next year or two plays out. Launch is for the fans the rest (and more important market) pick it up later

Sarcasm2783d ago

Nope, regardless of how the PS4 outsold it, in actual console sales metrics the X1 is doing amazing for now considering all the negative PR and higher price tag. It shows crazy strong brand loyalty in the U.S.

Basically it's still going to make them a bunch of money.

Unless in a year the sales completely tank (which isn't likely)

Bigpappy2783d ago

M$ has never considered selling Xbox. That was all based on speculation of a venture Capital guy becoming CEO. He is not CEO and no one knows what would happen even if he does become CEO. The CEO at M$ is not a dictator like in most companies. He will need the boards approval.

Godmars2902783d ago

This is supposedly a profit record for Sony, Nintendo and MS. Know you wont take it to heart, but it is an indication of why MS would want to split off the brand.

Bigpappy2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Yes they lossed a lot of money with the original Xbox and the deal with NVidia. Then they lost some more with the RRD. But sense then it has been nothing but profitable. In fact it seems from the data you provided, that they are making billions from the 360 which is still currently doing very well. The X1 is out to a very strong start even though it has the Kinect include with the high price point. So selling it makes no since, and splitting it does nothing to recoup the money loss in the pass. Keeping it does.

Gamer6662783d ago

MS leadership has not been thinking this way. It has only been a suggestion from influential shareholders.

Nicxel2783d ago

They were never thinking/planning on doing such. This came from the Nokia CEO (MS bought Nokia). That supposedly came from HIS mouth during an interview, not MS. Steve Ballmer has already announced they plan on doing no such thing. Especially when Bill Gates is still there and has no plan on removing himself from the board of directors or as chairman. Xbox isn't going anywhere haha.

killaarmy2782d ago

Only haters would agree with that outlandish statement the 360 killed the ps3 and in due time their will be no difference with the Xbox 1 against the very mediocre ps4 did you see the graphics of knack it looks worst than some last Gen games and the highest rated game is a side scrolling arcade free to play smdh

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bornsinner2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

guess theres a good balance of consoles, both on 2 mill + except xbone only in 13 countries, ps4 in 32... think we know who the clear winner is ;)

Sarcasm2783d ago

Ohhhhhhh now the world matters? Now it's "not just the U.S" Funny seeing as how NA is the Xbox's strongest territory and it got outsold by the PS4 by at least 300,000 units.

Yeah you go ahead and believe what you want to help you sleep at night.

Trekster_Gamer2783d ago

Sure we do, XBOX ONE, you Sony drones have killed yourselves daily lying and hating on it. Truth is people are going to see it can do all the gaming the ps4 does as good if not better. Better online, better entertainment value!

PS4 is really more like a ps3.5.

Long Live Xbox One!

dmeador2783d ago

Lets please not let the X1 trolls come back out now that it looks safe

MegaRay2782d ago

& I always wonder why u only have one bubble

xboned_you2783d ago

Lol why edit the title? The site says NPD: Xbox One is the “Fastest Selling” Next Gen Console, Sold 909,123 in First 9 Days, Two Games Sold Per Unit

iamnsuperman2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Abriael runs/is apart of the site and they have already done an article on the first part (this is more of a consolidation of two related stories) . There is a character limit on title submission (here on N4G) so sometimes things have to be shortened

GarrusVakarian2783d ago

"The site says NPD: Xbox One is the “Fastest Selling” Next Gen Console, Sold 909,123 in First 9 Days, Two Games Sold Per Unit"

But that's just not true though....i don't see the problem here. The PS4 sold 100k more in 24 hours, that's fact.

cell9892783d ago

exactly, that statement is very deceiving, when or how exactly did it become the "fastest selling console" of November?

Rainstorm812783d ago

This is MS.....facts dont matter