November 2013 NPD: top 10 best-selling games in the U.S.

NPD Group has released a listing of the top ten best-selling games in the U.S. for the month of November.

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2789d ago
dedicatedtogamers2789d ago

What's very interesting is that NPD doesn't tell us which game sold more on which platform.

They used to for the entire 360/PS3 generation.

Gee, I wonder why...

BX812789d ago

@dedicated. Care to share your theory?

dedicatedtogamers2789d ago

@ BX81

360 ahead of PS3: NPD reports are full of detail.

PS4 ahead of Xbox One: NPD reports are vague and devoid of detail.

Pretty straightforward.

BX812789d ago

"Gee, I wonder why..." My question to you is there a theory you have to share as to why it's so vague?

darthv722788d ago

It has been some time since there was a breakdown of platform to platform comparison in regards to the same game. Meaning if the game is GTA5 then it is looked at as a whole in regards to its placement on the list as opposed to one version selling more than another.

While it would be nice to see the platform comparisons, as to the dev/pub they want to see the overall numbers of their game. it looks better that way to the shareholders.

Off topic, sony would (for years) use a combined figure to represent the playstation "brand" and how well it is doing overall. That was usually to say to the stock holders in their annual sales forecast releases.

the same is done with MS in the numbers they release for the live members. We dont know 'exactly' how many are gold or silver but we know that there are millions of both.

For us regular folk, we may like to see the breakdown but it isnt really needed. what matters most is if you have the platform and the games then you enjoy what those have to offer.

EVILDEAD3602788d ago

'PS4 ahead of Xbox One: NPD reports are vague and devoid of detail.'


It's been forever and a day since we got the single SKU NPD.

It's been exactly as it has been now.

It's November NPD, check January through October and you will see the same thing.


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DevilishSix2788d ago

Actually NPD stopped disclosing detail numbers around a year ago. IT was a big deal here in the news section, but its been awhile so many may have forgotten. Thats why VGChartz is the closest thing to sales figures the gaming public has any more.

Kevlar0092789d ago

That is too much

There's still hope for Mega Man

Qrphe2789d ago

Neither Smash, nor Mario, nor Zelda saved the GC, but that doesn't mean they sold very well in the long run. Watch 3D World stack up over months.

Concertoine2789d ago

Well nintendo made money on the system, i doubt they'd consider it a failure. It was last place in the console race, but the xbox sold more and was a financial disaster. i bet MS would've killed for gamecube profits back in the day.

mt2789d ago

true, noting saved the GC but the GC has one of the best games, but PS2 was wasting everything standing in its way.

Concertoine2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

...or any other exclusive games >_> why would killzone, mario or any other exclusive outsell ANY game on this list which is out on like 5 platforms (except GTA, which is still out on 2 consoles).
also anyone who said pikmin 3 (a sequel to an obscure gamecube series that barely topped 1 million) or wonderful 101 (a game by a developer that has never once met sales expectations) would save the wii u are complete idiots. people act like collective fanbases are just one person that say one thing, i like wii u but i would never say those 2 games would come close to saving it.

King_Otaku_Daniel2789d ago

GC didn't flop. Just because sales are lower doesn't mean it flop. A system that flop is a system that failed to mame a profit for years and discontinued without giving the company any cash back.

Also Mario Kart and Smash seller power has increase because of online. Mario Kart saved 3DS.

NukaCola2789d ago

Gamecube was a beast. Tisk tisk so much hate :(

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Rainstorm812789d ago

thank god for niche selling usually doent mean the best game, this list confirms that

although im loving AC4 black flag

ATiElite2789d ago

"thank god for niche selling usually doent mean the best game, this list confirms that "

Good point!!!


So many Niche games on the PC but the PC has such a large community that it has the freedom to offer so many niche games and still thrive.

You think a Console Publisher is gonna take a chance on a game like TROPICO? Hell NO!

but Tropico is getting ready for it's 6th release on PC so someone is buying it.

Consoles have become nothing but multiplats with a handful of Exclusives. Maybe this GEN MS/SOny will have more Exclusives but OVERALL the majority of good games will be multiplats available on XB1, PS4 and PC.

Nothing Personal as Multiplat earns more money so it's just good business. Nintendo will eventually become a third party Dev for PS4/XB1 and Sony should offer up some of it's OLDER Exclusives to other platforms.

I'm playing BF4 PC and I will play AC4 when I get a fancy DS4 Controller. But mostly PC exclusives not on this NPD list because Digital Sales are not counted due to Publishers not having to release that info

Themba762788d ago

yea that game is the best in the series.

MadMen2789d ago

Shooters owned, as they should.

cell9892789d ago


Although I am enjoying the crap out of BF4 and KZ

king_george2789d ago

"As they should"?? Man screw shooters -_- thats all we had on ps3 and 360. C'mon RPG'S!!!

twinspectre2789d ago

RPG or better yet a lot of genres would be epic,
FUCK NO BRAINER SHOOTERS i had enough in the last gen i don't want the same shitty trend to be on current gen (PS4).

king_george2789d ago


Hell yeah man! I wanna see platformers and beat em ups to make huge comebacks as well! 4 player x-men (90's version) beat em up style games would be awesome

dcj05242789d ago

Just give me a RPG like Dragon's Dogma with guns. Fallout, Borderlands, Deus Ex, all wonderful RPG shooters

deadfrag2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Unfortunately!Sequels and shooters that dont make any evolution in the gameplay departemant...its getting pretty boredom of the same crap...thank god we still have great indie developers to show the way gaming should trend!

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