PS4 3rd Most Wanted Item by Japanese Businessmen, 1st Between Those in their Twenties, Says Survey

The Japanese language instruction firm Gaba also does surveys about topics of interest for its customers, and today it published the "2013 survey for business people on the goals for next year and looking back to the past year."

What's most interesting is that between the long list of results there's also a bit of gaming, as the PS4 ranked third overall between the most wanted items for 2014, and 1st between businessmen in their twenties.

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DigitalRaptor1987d ago

February 22nd is going to be a very interesting day.

mikeslemonade1987d ago

Anybody can point out the 3DS in this ranking?

HelpfulGamer1987d ago

Sony please Show Japanese PS4 Games Already! XD

abzdine1987d ago

@HelpfulGamer :
lots of jap games have been shown at TGS.
Psycho Break, Doctrine, Yakuza, Guilty Gear and more...
february 22nd will be insane.

Brazz1987d ago

it's not in the list... do you know why? because everybody already have a 3DS! it sells like water!

mikeslemonade1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

no the 3DS sold 133,000 with a 33% increase from last week

Off topic:
Just insane how the country's population is 127 mil and the DS has sold 32 mil. Definitely people owning multiple DS systems with different colors.

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Rimeskeem1986d ago

Today Ferbuary 22nd I report that sony has taken over japan

S2Killinit1987d ago

hahaa PS4 will get a nice boost. good for PS fans (and all gamers, but thats another matter)

Dark111987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Wii U have mario , MH , pikmin , dragon quest x etc yet it's struggling in japan

what would the PS4 do? .. IMO PS4 will flop in japan until FFXV arrive.

Majin-vegeta1987d ago

Lol we still don't know the full launch line up of Japan.


Dark111987d ago

Sure but Mario and MH are bigger than any japan centric title that will be available for the PS4 launch line up.

MeknSence1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Hey "Dark11" troll, get lost. Your not welcome here!

KonsoruMasuta1987d ago

Dragon Quest X actually helped the WiiU a little bit. Especially with the new version out, The Sleeping Brave, sales almost doubled what they were selling before.
Nintendo's problem is that they aren't releasing enough content.

Now onto the PS4, it's not going to flop. It's probably going to be the console that does thebest out there.
We don't even know the full line up for Japan.

hellzsupernova1987d ago

Playstation 4 will have no next gen competition there, with no xbox it is all by itself. Plus this survey is an older audience who may have out grown Mario and donkey Kong

ABizzel11987d ago


I get what you're saying, but to be fair Monster Hunter on Wii U was a port of the 3DS version, and Mario isn't a huge mega star in Japan like you'd think he is since he's the icon for Nintendo. Japan buys 1 Mario game, and then the others have average sales at best. I was shocked myself seeing Mario like that, but Japan is really a JRPG country and handheld.

PS4 is going to sell for the simple fact that it's the next evolution of gaming for Japan (Wii U isn't a huge evolution over PS3, and Xbox is dead over there), so that's going to give it a solid launch, but I agree if they don't bring PS1 / PS2 levels of JRPG epicness then we might not see any home console break the 10 million mark in Japan this time.

But it seems like Sony's doing what it can to get a huge Japanese focus for launch, and hopefully support will continue since it's easier to develop for than the PS3, and Japanese developers shouldn't struggle with the hardware.

King_Otaku_Daniel1986d ago

No MH3U is an enhance port more monsters, weapon and quest.

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mrmarx1987d ago

damn i thought it was xbone..

XiSasukeUchiha1987d ago

Same here but we all know PS4 is wanted more in Japan than xbone

Hyper_Tension1401987d ago

I don't think anyone wants an xbox in japan....did you see the laughably poor x360 sales.:P

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