Assassin’s Creed IV was great, but don’t push it Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has been widely hailed as a return to form. However, Thumbsticks contributor Richard Wood argues that Ubisoft's should still show restraint with the franchise and its potential spin-offs.

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-Foxtrot1991d ago

I like it but I don't get how it's a "return to form", it felt even more different then AC3 and felt nothing like a AC game at times. It seems they pushed themselves away even more then they did with AC3.

It should of been a new Pirate IP.

Stsonic1991d ago

Map sync

It is definitely a creed game to me.

-Foxtrot1991d ago

Well AC3 had most of that and it still didn't feel like an AC game to me

There's too much focus on Pirates rather then the Assassin mythology and even the Templar conflict...yeah it's there but the first two games plus Brotherhood/Revelation were founded on it.

Stsonic1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

The game had to change a bit as it was getting stale.
3 did not cut it for me either but this one is brilliant.

-Foxtrot1991d ago

It got stale because they were rushing them out yearly...

Think of the features in Brotherhood and Revelations they added....theres two new editions for AC3 and AC4 they could of done if they didn't do the spin offs

Your own Brotherhood in AC3

Bombs and maybe other crafting stuff for AC4

Plus if they took their times you would of seen more content for these new editions because they would of been able to work on them more.

Something like Naval battles is not very Assassin like in my opinion...especially when we STILL can't crouch at will

GarrusVakarian1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Agreed, it's a brilliant prate game (seriously), but it's not an AC to me.

Ive just been playing it and im around 40% in and the cutscene i just watched had James Kidd asking me to join their order (assassins) again.......WHY ISN'T THIS THE FOCUS FROM THE START, WHAT HAPPENED TO ASSASSINS VS TEMPLARS?!'s literally just a pirate game with and AC title. I would have no problem with this game if it was a pirate game and a pirate game only.....but to call this Assassins Creed is just wrong.

"especially when we STILL can't crouch at will"

So much this, running/walking from bush to bush is so stupid. How do things like a crouch button get overlooked?

Vednor1991d ago

AC has one of the largest fan base now, and as long as the business is there Ubisoft won't stop. Why should they?

staticdash221991d ago

To protect the integrity of their franchise? To promote good will among the fans? To keep the franchise relevant? It may sell well every year, but relevancy among the dedicated fans i a different matter.

Take a break, and promote some of your new IPs. Come back with some fresh, new ideas, then you will be able to surprise us.

Vednor1991d ago

I couldn't have agreed more with you. But that's where the problem arises mate. Because you aren't talking business.