Rumor: Xbox breaking into the Chinese market by September 2014

Microsoft has established a joint venture with BesTV, a Chinese IPTV vendor, to work on a Chinese version of its Xbox console. Currently both Microsoft and BesTV are calling it just "Xbox". But considering the next-gen is already here, they are most likely talking about Xbox One, instead of Xbox 360. According to unnamed sources, the CEO of Funshion, a subsidiary of BesTV, recently announced on an internal meeting that the Chinese version of Xbox (One) will meet consumers by September 2014

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allformats1773d ago

It's about time home consoles break into the mammoth Chinese market.

This could only expand the games industry. Great news if true.

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Golden_Mud1773d ago

"Actually it's vice versa , Chinese hate the people who ruined their country and that's Japan so Sony is the one in danger not Microsoft" All of this is what Pachter Gonna say after days from now , I will believe him if he say so

chaos-lockheart1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


You might think that way cause of history and some of the news. but in reality japan has a lot of a big influence in Chinese culture vise versa. The Chinese don't hate japan as many people think. It is the pride that make China look like that. It is the older gen that have some grudge, but they are fading out. Chinese don't hate xbox. It was just an expression that I made saying it's not going to sell like hot cakes. China just likes more Asian stuff when it comes to gaming. Besides xbox cable box TV thing is not going to work. if they buy the system, it's going to be games that they are going to play. not watch tv.

XiSasukeUchiha1773d ago

Nice but fall 2014 idk about that might be too late

hazardman1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I dont think its to late. They just lifted the ban so whether now or later the chinese gamers must be happy just knowing there getting legit consoles and not a bad my badd.

creatchee1773d ago

Too late for what? Consoles have been banned in China - everything is new and desirable for them whenever they come out.

mrpsychoticstalker1773d ago

As you know the population of China is enormous, good job Microsoft!

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