FIFA Most Popular PS4 Game in Germany, Battlefield 4 for Xbox One; Forza 5 Only Exclusive in Top 3

FIFA 2014 Most Popular PS4 Game in Germany, Battlefield 4 for Xbox One; Forza 5 Only Exclusive in Top 3

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Eonjay1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I remember a while back people making the assumption that exclusives are the most important determining factor in who winds up on top. If that were the case, Nintendo would rule the day... everyday lots be serious.

mikeslemonade1991d ago

Yep I realized that recently. Gamers are looking at value and brand secondary when choosing their console. Exclusives are not a big part anymore outside Halo, MGS, and Final Fantasy. Even though Final Fantasy is multiplat I constantly here the JRPG fanatics say they will buy the "PlayStation" when that comes out. And MGS is PlayStation centric but not as much as Final Fantasy.

HardcoreGamer1991d ago

truth is what will prevail. i just see with my own eyes that xbox one is seriously selling like ps4 at all. i mean i have seen xbox one in stock in my local tesco. and ppl fighting for ps4

mcstorm1991d ago

All depends where you are from and how you know. I know 4 people with a Xbox one and 2 with a wiiu but no one with a ps4. one thing is for sure the Xbox one is not selling anywhere near as bad as this site has been saying which I find funny.

But I hope everyone who has picked up a ps4, wiiu and Xbox one are enjoying them.

HardcoreGamer1990d ago

i went into my local tesco again, and guess what still xbox one in stock on the shelf. what a joke, ms are liars. honestly that xbox one should of been bought up straight away, its either xbox have plenty made or they have to be lying

nypifisel1991d ago

Can't dispute that! Funny thing though, FIFA came bundled with Xbox One.. Still got outsold on PS4 lol

hello121991d ago

Fifa only came with the x box day one edition at selected retailers. People who ordered the standard edition got no fifa.

ABizzel11991d ago

Exclusives and Price are a big part of buying a console int he PS and Xbox case, because they generally share 90% of the same gaming library.

So it boils down to which console is cheaper and has the most benefits, which console has the best version of your favorite game, which community do you prefer, and what exclusives you like the most.

Last generation the 360 was cheaper, generally speaking it had the better versions of games in the first few years of the console wars, the XBL community was more established than PSN, and it had some good exclusives early on. Which is why it had the lead for the first half in sales.

Then the PS3's price became more affordable and the added value of Blu Ray, games were finally equal by year 3 - 4 and began to be better around year 5 - now (depending on the developer), PSN was solid and PS+ offers an unbeatable deal, and it's exclusives began dominating awards and nomination with critical success and praise.

Going in to this generation the PS4 has all the advantages the 360 had, which is the reason why the PS4 will likely take and early lead this generation, and the XBO should balance sales out after the 3 - 5 year mark when it's price hits mass appeal ($299).

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christocolus1991d ago

Shooters aint going away anytime soon..will always be system sellers it also seems the germans love racing games. Congrats to ea and turn 10.

mrmarx1991d ago

most euros like racing games more and s. americans as well

ZainreFang1991d ago

Ahhh, Shooters and Sports games. As expected.

infectedaztec1991d ago

There currently isn't a ps4 exclusive worth buying

Gamer-401991d ago

No Knack the list? Germany gamer's...

XiSasukeUchiha1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

XiWondering which console should i choose magical genie you decide' It is your opinion, choose which the right one for u!' I choose the PS4 because its my opinion over the one

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