Sony Release Official Step by Step Remote Play Guide

Sony has released a simple “Step by Step” guide for those looking to use Remote Play via their PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

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S2Killinit1991d ago

cool. I've never owned a handheld in my life (strange) but I might consider getting a Vita just for this.

GarrusVakarian1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

One of, if not the best/most overlooked next gen feature IMO.

Lowsnamebrand1991d ago

Agreed this is absolutely a next gen feature now if only I van set mine up to work through the internet...

porkChop1991d ago

Do it. Get a Vita. You will not regret it. Best handheld I've ever owned, and Remote Play is amazing. Remote Play is one of the only next gen features that actually *feels* next gen to me.

XisThatKid1989d ago

Yea thanks t this feature I can use my PS4 snce I no longer have an HDTV at the moment.

mark3214uk1991d ago

any1 tested remote over 3g yet?does it work or laggy

wynams1991d ago

Doesn't work at all. Vita tells you to enable wifi and try again.

Vitalogy1991d ago

If you're reffering to set your 3G smartphone to be an wi-fi hotspot it might connect to the web but it doesn't have enough broadband to remote play. There's a video on YT of a guy doing it with LTE (aka 4G) he was about 10 miles from home and hooked his vita to his smartphone using it as an hotspot and even though he had 7Mb down/up speed with the lte network he experienced some lag on resogun so I don't think 3G is a good solution. Maybe try to find some free wi-fi hotspot.

nevin11991d ago

Anybody make something out of remote control shots?

qu1ckset1991d ago

I have a vita slim and ps4 , I tried remote play with blackflag, bf4, and need for speed rivals. Remote play works well as far as streaming goes, bf4 was unplayable to me due to the controls (lack of L2/R2 and L3/R3), Blackflag was playable as long as you weren't doing ship battles which was hard due controls once again , pain to shot mortars, other then that worked amazing. Rivals worked perfect.

If your planning on playing any fps be prepaid to be most likely disappointed like I was but but other stuff works really well as long as the game doesn't focus heavily on using the missing buttons the vita doesn't have. Will see how developers combat this minor issue so all games can play as good as others

Lowsnamebrand1991d ago

Cod isn't actually that bad you just have to get use to using the rear and front touch took me about 2 matches

qu1ckset1991d ago

I don't own cod , just Killzone and BF4 , haven't tried Killzone yet but as far as the rear touch pad goes I've only owned my vita for about two weeks and haven't really used the touch pad even for the vita games I own (Killzone Mercs, and Ys memories of celceta)

Maybe I'm just a newb with the rear touchpad?

AusRogo1991d ago

Trust me you get used to the rear touch pad! Didnt take me long at all. Remote play is actually beast. Use it all the time. Though i kinda suck playing Killzone and BF4 online with the vita haha so i stick with single player.

Fizzgig1991d ago

Works amazing from home, but can't get it to connect at work over the internet.

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The story is too old to be commented.