Here are some of the games Steam Machine beta users are getting for free

GameZone writes, 'As if the fact that we won't be getting the Steam Machine or Steam Controller wasn't enough to get you jealous, we're also missing out on quite a few games. According to the congratulating email, beta testers will receive all Valve titles, plus the following games.'

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brbobcat1984d ago

Not really jealous of any on the list. Most can be bought for a few bucks during a sale. But I am jealous of not having the Machine :(

GDDR6_20141984d ago

So jealous, can't wait to try that controller

WeAreLegion1984d ago

Do we have specs on the beta testing units or are they varied?

ABizzel11984d ago

Still don't get the point of the Titan, just use the 780Ti. I know it was announced before that, but drop it and save a couple hundred dollars.

CPU: Don't get the purpose of the i3 version, the i5 and i7 were enough, unless they plan on making an entry priced model with a lower-end GPU, and RAM.

GPU: Should have stuck with 760, 770, 780, and 780Ti. 780 Ti = Titan and cost $200+ less. I get the 660 since it's just a bit lower benched than the 760, but cost $50 less.

3GB GDDR5 is nice although all the 700 series have 4GB versions.

16GB DDR3 is almost perfect (a higher MHz would have been nice).

Hybrid HDD is great (32GB SD would have been a bit better).

Overall I'm impressed depending on what EXACT components are in the final builds, when they launch, what the final price will be, and can you install other OS, apps, and services on the box. I'm guessing it's going to cost $500 for the i5 + 760 version. We'll see.

brewin1984d ago

Anyone know if we can use 360 controllers on these puppies, ala PC? At least for the supported games. Im thinking of skipping "next gen" and getting a Steam box to go with my Wii U.

webeblazing1984d ago

it supports it plus any other input device a game will support. mostly depend on games which will get ironed out because of beta tester. you can hook up flight stick, race wheels, arcade sticks, basically everything.

frankiebeans1984d ago

I wonder if it will have any type of advantages buying the version steam sells like what google does with phones like google play addition.

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