"Never satisfied" - Microsoft's Chris Charla talks indie games on Xbox One

A chat with the [email protected] director about Snapped games, exclusives and creative risks. [OXM UK]

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dirigiblebill1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

It surely can't be that much bother to just drop the parity clause. It's clearly doing more harm right now than good.

demonddel1989d ago

Microsoft just making sure there customers don't have to wait or get anything less than the competition I don't see anything wrong with that

DragonKnight1989d ago

So then you think it's right for 3 other platforms, and millions of other gamers, to be forced to wait because of one platform?

ziggurcat1989d ago

... and yet it's okay for 3rd party games to come out on xbox first?

don't be a hypocrite. if a game is ready for release on PS4 before it's ready on xbone, devs/gamers should not have to wait.

Bigpappy1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I say just cut the demanding indies loose. M$ has done more than enough to help them get a spot to play in. They can't now comply with the platform rules, so just let them move on.

The upside to this is that I would have a lot less junk to search through.

darthv721989d ago

If the main problem of this release parity clause is the lack of funds or manpower...these smaller devs could always ask for some help.

Im sure Ms would be willing to offer some financial assistance if it means their title would be available for xb1 players at the same time as ps4 or steam players.

MS isnt wanting to prohibit an indie from releasing a game (generally speaking). They are just wanting them to release their game on the xbox platform at the same time as others.

Rayman legends was done for the wii-u but we still had to wait for it to be ready on the ps3 and 360 before it got released. And that was ubisoft that made that call.

As far as the whole release partity goes, that is the least of my worries. I want quality product over quantity. We see far too often even big titles get released in somewhat unfinished state so I would hold these indies in the same regard in finishing their product. Dont release it until it is done.

As gamers we just need to be more patient as good things take time and even greater things take longer.

DigitalRaptor1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

@ Bigpappy

If they can't comply with Microsoft's terrible, terrible self-inflicted policies - they should cut them loose like some kind of nuisance?

See that is the kind of harmful attitude that drives the folks at Redmond. And ironically, it's usually the more demanding devs that are producing the more creative and ambitious projects, so good luck with that 'searching through the junk'. If you're a discerning gamer, you would know what is coming and what you're interested in anyway.

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WeAreLegion1989d ago

Seems like a decent fellow. I love indie games and I think it would be a shame for Xbox One owners to miss out on many of them because of a clause. So, I hope they remove it.

TheUltimateGamer1989d ago

Agreed, I would love to see indie titles hit the Xbox One as well. I think they will soon enough. This is a temp setback.. As everything with the XB1 has been.

JackISbacK1989d ago

no bud did the read the article there were 200 developers for applieng for this policy,yeah indie devs are never that rich to develop their own engiens tools and this kind of poilcy helps them ,this provide tools to them ,but it never force devs not to work on other platforms,yeah these days still can make games for ps4 or any other playform ,even working within their policy but force the game to launch on xb1 first or if developers make them exclusives they can get more support of it,
its only just bissines if m$ is providing them tools and they deseve some price for it because developing under this policy is totally free ,so just tell me whats wrong in it,if some one supports the devs and their taalend so does it means to shut it down ,because the games develop here will be time exclusives,please dont be fanboys ,developing games on ps4 is not devs priority ,yeah therre are some devs discriminating the policy but more are appreciating it,so whats wrong in it have and fun with your console therer are some amazing games too ,but dont stop good games to land on xb1 ,if you like those games ,just get them for what to bash the policy.

JackISbacK1989d ago

and must remember there are also timed exclusives on ps4 and xb1 will also have its timed exclusives and i know you will say that m$ is plague to indies and ps4 deserves the indies first ,because they were mocking indies indies at e3 and other events so sony deseves indies first ,so just tell me who says indies will not land on xb1 and i know you expects microsoft to provide dev kits and tools to release them on ps4 first, and keep in mind if you provide sone one something for free as a policy you must give them some credit and releasing things first on xb1 and then on ps4 does not hurts any side of media
just keep your self on the place of devs.

seedaripper19731989d ago

@ WeAreLegion, don't fret mate, i couldn't make head nor tail of it either??

Godmars2901989d ago

What is it with people in basically middleman positions and smug, all-knowing looks?

Convas1989d ago

It's not difficult to find pictures of all Big 3 executives looking smug at some point.

Sayburr1989d ago

OH boy, can't wait for the marketplace to be piled up in junk software! ...but, who knows, I might just be wrong and every title released will be a top-notch game.

MegaRay1989d ago

You know oddworld is indie game. And so mighty9 and alot other games. Not all indie junk. Unless you were talking about EA lol

christocolus1989d ago

Good to see ms getting this much support from indies once again. Chris Charla must be doing an amazing job.

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