Super Mario 3D World: How to Get the Goomba Mask

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): Mario has always been a master of disguise, and nowhere is this more evident than in Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. In addition to transforming into Tanooki and Cat Mario, he can also fool his enemies with the Goomba Mask.

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swice1988d ago

A nice, BIG spoiler in the headline. I FUCKING LOVE THOSE

LOL_WUT1988d ago

I don't think a video of this was really necessary you run into one of these masks later on in the game it was even advertised in one of those trailers. Btw this level is fun riding in those Koopa shells... ;)

XisThatKid1988d ago

So this game is a Mario dungeon crawler so to speak?

wonderfulmonkeyman1988d ago

I think, outside of one level where it allows you to avoid searchlights, the Goomba Mask is the least-useful powerup in the game.