Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV "Not Literally Connected"

Dealspwn: "Having discovered a few references to Watch Dogs in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag the other day, we asked whether or not the two games might be connected on a larger sense in the Ubiverse.

As it turns out, they are just Easter eggs after all."

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XiSasukeUchiha1991d ago

But they are Easter egg connected!?

TheUltimateGamer1991d ago

That's what I was wondering...

Tzuno1991d ago

ac is connected to far cry 3. see tower synch. :)

GameSpawn1991d ago

FarCry3 and AC3/4 are developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Seeing as AC3 and FarCry3 were made around the same time too it's understandable that some elements seem the same. The "hunting" mechanic and weather effects were practically identical.

The entire time I was playing FarCry3 I would sometimes think to myself "this is Assassin's Creed with guns and no assassin's blades."

This is Ubi we are talking about, there will definitely be some eggs in Watch Dogs referencing other Ubi games.

gaabrielz1991d ago

Then Jason gets his finger cut... like Assassin's back then.

PhantomT14121991d ago

There is also a more story related connection between FC3 and AC: if you have one of the special missions in a Japanese WW2 base, you see the Animus mentionned in a file with the Abstergo logo.

DragonKnight1991d ago

"As it turns out, they are just Easter eggs after all."

Well duh. I can't believe anyone thought otherwise. Like I said before, it'd be franchise suicide for Watch Dogs if Ubisoft decided to merge it with AC canon. It would be considered just another AC game at that point.

Sleebs1991d ago

Not exactly. It would just indirectly expand Ubisoft's universe. Just like how Quentin Tarantino's films are all connected.

DragonKnight1991d ago

Movies =/= Games. There's no correlation here. If Watch Dogs had a link to Assassin's Creed, people would just view it as an extension of Assassin's Creed.

Ubisoft wants Watch Dogs to be its own franchise, not linked to another, unable to get out of said franchise's shadow.

Ratty1991d ago

You're right there has never been a game taking place in the same universe as another while following a competely different storyline. That stuff is exclusive to movies.