Chris Charla on the promise and pitfalls of Xbox One's indie program

Chris Charla head of Xbox one's [email protected] indie program talks to CVG about the challenges facing the new program, as well as the positive aspects which have already helped entice more than thirty developers

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Kayant1984d ago

Wow so even the head of the [email protected] isn't allowed to talk about these policies. So who will???

Moving on it will be interesting to see how indie devs will treat the kinect.

EBTpickle1984d ago

I think that means they're re-evaluating the policies as we speak. When I broke the Assault Android Cactus story, the dev said Charla contacted him immediately.

Charybdis1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Not commenting on policies is quite common in many industries. Any decent director or manager should not comment on any established policy unless it is an official announcement or statement.

She did however hint that they are listing to complaints, which does imply certain policies might change.

XiSasukeUchiha1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Wow M$ can't even let them talk about the policies of @ID Xbox Evil laugh time But guy seems to like Indie devs though and same here can't wait for developer to treat Kinect as well P.S.

joshmille991984d ago

Why can't he talk about the positives for the day-one parity for the industry?

Because the only people that benefit from it is Microsoft.

MasterCornholio1984d ago

Everyone knows that the PS4 is easier to develop games for than the Xbox One which means that even though the games can come out sooner for Songs console, the parity clause will cause them to come out later.

Instead of getting released in a year the PS4 version could get delayed because of the slow development of the Xbox One version.

MazzingerZ1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

What's the problem? Release it only on the console with larger installbase and that delivers the most cost effective development times, who say they have to publish on both? Greedy devs? Then they shouldn't complain, if it's MSFT's policy then they just have to take a decision

Volkama1984d ago

Interviewer pushed well to try and get info on the parity clause. But the follow-up "You announced an initial wave of thirty games for the [email protected] program, are you disappointed by the level of participation from indie studios?" was unnecessarily negative, and listing a few devs from Sony's conference didn't really fit either.

As for [email protected], I just hope their store front is smart enough to show me more Castle Crashers and less XBLA Indie Corner trash.

GarrusVakarian1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

"As for [email protected], I just hope their store front is smart enough to show me more Castle Crashers and less XBLA Indie Corner trash."

Yeah, indie games on the 360 sucked. A common misconception that X1 fans have about indies is that they think they are all the same as the 80msp ones you get from the XBL store....when they aren't. Games like Warthunder, Resogun, Warframe, Contrast would come be equivalent to the "Arcade" section on 360.

Volkama1984d ago

Conversely there are PS4 fans that have never walked the dark halls of the indie corner, and think that Resogun and Minecraft are a good representation of the indie scene.

Reality is the best platform for indies (and gamers that want indies) is the one that does the best job if separating the wheat from the chaff.

curtis921984d ago

Transparency helps. If your policies make you have to plead the fifth, then perhaps you should rethink some things.