GOG Best Winter Sale

Best winter sale here at GOG, GOG is giving away 3 Fallout title in next 48 Hours, there will be no charge (ending at 8:59 AM Eastern on December 14).

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kagon011991d ago

f**k, I can't log in. The site is over saturated...

mdluffy1991d ago

Took me like 20 minutes, it would work once and that's all it took for me to get those free games.

mdluffy1991d ago

They should have known the servers would crash, could have used some more servers.
This is also what happens with every online game at the start ^^

LostPotato1991d ago

Well the universal law is in effect here. Mention free and people will swarm on something. Anyway get them now GOG can't sell them next year due to Bethesda.

Gamer19821991d ago

I hate when sites like this who only have a few servers put a small timer on sales. STEAM has issues with sales however there servers usually sort themselves out after 20 minutes as they have a lot more servers.

Aleithian1991d ago

Annndddd....Guess who bought Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics on Steam yesterday?

sdozzo1991d ago

Haha I hear ya. $4.99