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FogLight2747d ago

That is an awesome deal!

Tetsujin2747d ago

Site says overpopular at the moment, check back later.

I'd like to at least play 1 and 2 to see how the series started.

ragincrinz2747d ago

ive never played them so I hope there good

SolidStoner2747d ago

they are one of the best games I played! They might look old now days, but any hardcore gamer should play at least Fallout 2.. one of the best Fallout games!

Thehyph2747d ago

They're both awesome games. I prefer 2 to 1, especially because the first main mission is timed in 1.

They haven't aged the best, and the combat is strictly turn-based, but they are phenomenal games.

I'm on the other side. I can't stand Fallout 3. I gave it a serious shot, but it just didn't catch my interest. Bethesda games all do that to me.

CrowbaitBob2747d ago

I played the heck out them when they were originally released. I loved those games so much. Unfortunately they have aged terribly and are very difficult to get back into.

MightyNoX2747d ago

Site buckled under pressure :P

ragincrinz2747d ago

I cant get on the site its too busy :(

Majin-vegeta2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Try this.

Edit:And the link is down.Don't worry guys there's still a day and something left for the deal.

And it's back up.

ragincrinz2747d ago

I got on and I got them, im at work so ill download them tonight and give them a play.

Raf1k12747d ago

I'm having trouble logging in. Resetting my password took a few tries but that's all I've been able to do so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.