Killzone: Shadow Fall 1.06 drops

Another new Killzone: Shadow Fall update drops today.

Coming in at a respectable 83mb, the update briefly indicates that it fixes in-game stability.

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Hatsune-Miku1988d ago

In game voice chat please with a proper clan system like killzone 2. Hopefully next update

Blaze9291988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Wait there's no in game voice chat? Could've swore I heard people talk when playing.

They need to also address the knife melee. Seems if you're at an angle lower than you're opponent, you will always come out victorious.

Ashunderfire861988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

If there was no in game voice chat, then no wonder why I hear nobody say anything? I really would like to talk to people on the PS4. My PSN is legionaire2008. I put the 2008 there, because that is the year I got the PS3 along with PSN.

FunAndGun1988d ago

The only voice chat Shadow Fall has is the Party Chat through PS4.

There definitely needs voice chat other than that though. Proximity chat would be the best, but I doubt that will happen.

abzdine1988d ago

i keep thinking this game has been rushed to make it for day one release.
So many things are missing in it compared to the previous ones that i will need pages and pages to write all of them down.

Bobby Kotex1987d ago

It's a cross game chat with their friends

Irishguy951987d ago doesn't have voice chat? All those pretty graphics and it left out such a simple early 2000's feature. Guerrilla games really set their priorities in the right direction. What a terrible dev.

ravinash1987d ago

"Guerrilla games really set their priorities in the right direction. What a terrible dev".

Sounds to me like they are were focusing on the core game making sure it works before adding all the bells and whistles.
Yeah it would be nice if it was finished when it came out, but as long as the game works is more important.

frankiebeans1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

its just a very janky game and has always been. no offence to gorilla but killzone dont really have a future outside of a sparkly launch game and I personally dont think it looks that pretty graphics wise and I know playstation fans on the site will disagree with me but i'm also a playstation fan and bought it day 1 but i'm not going to sit here and lie and try to make myself believe it does.the game over all definitely needs to be be revamped or just caned. I want to see a new shooter from them.

mewhy321987d ago

I don't recall hearing voice chat in the game? I'll have to check that out tonight.

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Zeniix1988d ago

I'm pretty sure they said they're working on that

combatcash1987d ago

This is a standard feature, it should be included. Definitely necessary for online shooters.

ssj271988d ago

They leave the voice chat out to see how people play without it and see how people do in the game.

HaveAsandwich1988d ago

yes and yes. both are absolutely needed, asap.

NeloAnjelo1988d ago

In Jan this is coming.... Clans, in game voice chats, and they will try dies by side team scores

BoriboyShoGUN1987d ago

Yeah thats crazy no in game chat? I couldnt believe it when people first pointed that out.

yeah guys feel free to add me BoriboyNinja. I play KZ, BF4 but been on Warframe a lot lately. Need some killers to run around with.

AceBlazer131987d ago

I'm from the caribbean, you mind playing with someone you'll bearly understand ?

ajkula1987d ago

That's called party chat, or join a squad and it should do

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PR_FROM_OHIO1988d ago

Can we get some 8vs8 TDM GG?? Bc classic warzones games take forever!!

rdgneoz31988d ago

They do have 24 player TDM.

PR_FROM_OHIO1988d ago

Yea but the gameplay suffers a bit with 12vs12 and that annoys me!

sAVAge_bEaST1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

how does gameplay suffer @ 12v12? More kills, no?
Play Search&Destroy, those games usually only have around 6v6, objection based game play is the best. imo.

XiSasukeUchiha1988d ago

Same next update will be awesome hopefully

mayberry1988d ago

Almost done with the SP... WOW! Tried MP for around 10 hrs now and I am oficially blown away! This is what I evisioned what gaming would be like in the future when I started gaming 35+ years ogo!

lonelyplayer1988d ago

what's so special about it?

MikeGdaGod1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

i would say the overall visuals and feel of the weapons.

the different play styles help keep the game from being boring. the skills, loadouts, and weapons are also pretty awesome. i LOVE the LSR44 (hybrid assault rifle/sniper rail gun). and i constantly change skill sets because they're all fun to use.

and if you play with a good set of headphones it truly feel as if you're actually in the game, the sound effects are incredible.

i'm not a big FPS fan at all and i love it. i have so many games i haven't played in a couple days, but i had to make myself stop and put another game in. its just that fun.

bondsmx1988d ago

For reals, what's so great about it? I have kz and bf4. And while kz is fine, bf4 has tons of issues and I still play it over kz everyday. I'm slowly working my way through kz sp, but mp feels very uninspired to me. Maybe I'm missing something

qu1ckset1988d ago

I totally agree , I'm really enjoying killzones SP but I wasn't a fan of MP, I much prefer BF4 even with the bugs..

mayberry1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

For me, Killzone's deferences from other shooters is significant. The learning curve is steeper, the controls are different(for a reason), and the over-all gameplay requires a little more skill(imho),to master. But, once you fall into the "groove" of Killzone, there is nothing like it! WAR! Death, killing, destruction(would be better with bf's destruction!), all-together makes Killzone stand out! GG developers have always had a vision for Killzone, and it seems most don't put enough time into their titles to "get" it, but for those that do..... WOW!

liquidhalos1988d ago

Yeah ill third, whats so special about it? I made the switch from xbox to ps4 and while ill admit that killzone is great fun i dont see it as the coming of
the utopian gaming future.

I cant wait to see what games are like in a year or two. Man i love my ps4. gg

Abromb1988d ago

I like it because it's a nice change of pace from the twitchy military shooters that are out. It's kind of like a mix between COD and Halo in regards to the fact that it takes more bullets to take someone down. I like the fact that if you shoot me first I can still beat you based on skill. There is also no auto target. The classic war zone mode is awesome. One round where the objectives switch five times between death match, capture the flag, domination, search and destroy and whatever else there is. The multiple spawn points also mitigates camping (to a degree). The icing in the cake is the fact that the game is gorgeous. I definitely died a number of times just admiring the texture detail. All in all, it's just a refreshing experience from what's out on the market right now.

Corpser1988d ago

^^ you are not alone, 2000 people (that's at peak times) play kz mp when 30000 play bf4 mp on ps4

mayberry1987d ago

2000 vs.30000.... just like the 2000 Ferrari Italia owners vs. the 30000 prius owners...../s

thekhurg1987d ago

That's 2000 servers not people... The number playing is significantly higher.

Corpser1987d ago

^^ nope that's the player count,the game shows you the number for each mode

aquamala1988d ago

you envisioned a gaming future that has no voice chat?

WilDRangeRrfc1987d ago

I agree with you and Abromb,switched from 360 PS3 is only Sony console I haven't owned,never played KZ but got it with my PS4,got BF4,Fifa and CODG,play them all love them all,PSN has been smooth and lag less great times,KZSF is breathtakingly gorgeous on my Samsung smart 42 inch 1080p 600hz tv,MP is also really fun and like Abromb said you don't die from one shot like other shooters so epic battles based on skill,no aim assist more focus on teamwork and teammates,slower paced but great game mechanics,I really enjoy getting into KZ story and universe for the first time,if someone could give me a brief explanation of previous games events and story lines I would be greatful;)

HellzAssassin1987d ago

I totally agree with you man. It takes alot for me to get hooked to an FPS multiplayer for more than 10 hours nowadays. I love the diversity of both the weapons and the classes. And I really like the unlocking system. It's not too overly difficult, but just right. I'm constantly switching classes. Not to just help with objectives, but I like the class unique abilities, and different weapons. KZ:SF's MP is absolutely incredible. Of course it's not without it's flaws. For a launch title, i'm impressed. Though single player was... quite mediocre.

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danny8181988d ago

yea they need to fix the chat system. idk why no one talks whem im on

ForgottenProphecy1988d ago

cause there is no voice chat.

KwietStorm1988d ago

No one talks when anyone is on. They don't just have a red flag on you.

Ma1nframe1987d ago

its not broken, just not implemented yet. it's coming, relax

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