USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending 12/7/2013 - Watch Dogs

Releasing this week:
Wii Fit U (WiiU) Nintendo, Action 39,108 (24th)

Top 5:
1. Watch Dogs (PS4) Ubisoft, Action 193,422
2. Destiny (PS4) Activision, Action 157,878
3. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS3) Square Enix, Role-Playing 143,040
4. Destiny (XOne) Activision, Action 123,441
5. Titanfall (XOne) Electronic Arts, Shooter 122,434

Notable Mentions:
23. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (WiiU) Nintendo, Platform 40,931
30. Titanfall (X360) Electronic Arts, Shooter 31,849
35. Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) Disney Interactive Studios, Role-Playing 27,690

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WeAreLegion1863d ago

Way to hang in there, Prey 2. :/

NewMonday1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

the numbers are the same as this poll..

Titanfall 122,434

inFAMOUS 116,117

impressive that inFAMOUS, a franchise with modest success, is matching the so called "next big thing" from the makers of MW2,

IanVanCheese1863d ago

You spin me right round baby right round.

king_george1863d ago

Id actually say that its more impressive that a new i.p like titanfall is beating infamous slightly in pre orders considering infamous is an established franchise and looks awesome.

This is gonna be the best gen ever where all consoles are successful

Eonjay1863d ago


Lest we forget about the Wii U' troubled start. maybe it will pay out, but thinks really aren't looking good.

mikeslemonade1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

The all-successful consoles was last generation. PS4 will only be the only successful console as soon as consumers see the faults of the X1.

And like the South Park episode only one system will come out on top with Wii U being a non-factor. Because now you are pretty much required to pay for the online service on both systems it's just not cost efficient to own both the X1 and PS4.

king_george1863d ago


Yeah man the wii u is off to a bad start :/ i think the releases of zelda, smash bros, mario kart, and donkey kong will definitely move consoles tho. I myself am waiting for these games to come out before picking up a wii u. I love nintendo as i grew up with them and wish them the best.


You love playstation. So do I. But you are crazy if u dont see the facts. Xbox one is selling really well, not as much as ps4, but still really well. Isnt it the second fastest selling console of all time behind ps4?

Ps4 will not be the only succesful console man c'mon thats just ignorant

Long live GAMES

Visiblemarc1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I say that Titanfall being Xb1's supposed killer app, and receiving so much focus, it's not surprising it's got so many pre-orders, while Infamous has, thus far, received modest promotion from Sony. So, basically, I agree with you.

xDHAV0K24x1863d ago

OR impressive that a newbie into the market is making as much noise as an established/respected franchise?

Bigpappy1863d ago

Don't read too much into pre-orders. They are not a good indicator of actual sales. What I mean by that, is that the leader in pre-order sales does not always sell the best. It is also very difficult to predict sales of new IP's.

mikeslemonade1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

@King George

Actually historically the faster selling systems like PSP, Dreamcast, and WiiU all have faltered. So being that there can't be 3 system failures in this generation the clear winner is the PS4.

The key to which console is the #1 choice is the #1 price and #2 brand. The games are secondary because multiplatform games sell the most. And can't stress enough about the pay to play online subscriptions. Are you literally going to pay around $100 a year, $800 for the two systems, and $200 on games to play the exclusives online on both systems?? The answer is no for most gamers.

king_george1862d ago


Missed my point. All i meant was that all three consoles will be successful and judging by demand and upcoming lineups im likely right. Why u seem to want the failure of certain consoles is beyond my comprehension

jjonez181862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

It's even more amazing that a ffx/x-2, a remaster, is besting them both while launching only in Japan first.(fun fact)
But, based off last gen, we know xbone owners eat up shooters and playstation exclusives get little support. I'd go titanfall in the long run, with it being marketed As a cod killer by xbox camp.

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NewMonday1863d ago

Destiny beating Titanfall despite releasing many months later on multiple platforms, shows that hype is not catching on.

TheFallenAngel1863d ago

People thinks that titanfall will be a system seller and sell millions of copies. Its not. As of now its just lots of hype.

Skip_Bayless1863d ago

X1 is $500 so there's no real system seller. Remember when PS4 was $500 and $600. It wasn't until MGS4 came out and even that wasn't a huge system seller. For one month I think the PS3 sold 1 million and the next month it pretty much came back to normal.

lifeisgamesok1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Not really... Sorry to burst your bubble but most people don't preorder games :)

We'll see how great Titanfall sells come March

johndoe112111863d ago

I'm gonna say something here that's probably gonna get a lot of people mad but, I hope all that money that EA got from microsoft to make titanfall an exclusive was worth it because they are gonna feel the pinch of not having that on the ps4.

What makes it even worse is that vince zampella's reaction when he heard it was going to be a full xbox one exclusive shows that they never intended it to be like that.

They had better pray that titanfall sells systems.

TheFallenAngel1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Now that people are talking about PS4 has out sold xbone 2:1 on the USA, EA will regret it. I seriously doubt that titafall will sell more than destiny on xbone or the 360. Its just hype as of now. The whole "big next shooter" thing is what they said about other titles. CoD and battlefield will buried it on the military department and halo and destiny on the sci fi department.

tuglu_pati1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )


"PS4 has out sold xbone 2:1 on the USA"


How's that when XbOne is at 2 mil and PS4 is at 2.4? and Xbone stronger territory is NA. Last week charts show Xbone selling more in NA and dont come to me with the PS4 is sold out excuse because even if its true the fact is Xbone still selling more in NA at the moment whatever for the reasons are.

thrust1863d ago

Still hanging on to the 2:1 in usa thing a?

Sony will win November npd but it is not going to be 2:1 like you think.

jackanderson19851863d ago

more people would pre-order destiny to gain access to the beta... Titanfall hasn't got a confirmed beta so there's no real benefit at the moment to be pre-ordering it

Funantic11862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Do you realize how long Destiny has been available for preorder? It's been available for about a year. When Destiny finally launches it will have been available for preorder for almost 2 years. Titanfall has been available for preorder for 5 months. It would have been very different if they both started preorders at the same time. I do expect Destiny to sell more because it is on more systems but Titanfall will sell well. Another thing is that I have Infamous preordered because I don't have any games to play on my PS4. I beat Killzone and that was it. But for my X1 I don't have any games preordered right now because I have more games to play right now. I will buy 2 copies of Titanfall straight out.

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IanVanCheese1863d ago

Titanfall has gained so many more pre-orders than Destiny since the last one of these I saw. Destiny was over 100k and Titanfall was at like 30k.

A lot of it comes from people thinking Destiny was a launch title. Three of my mates all pre-ordered their next gen consoles "with Destiny" only to be disappointed when I told them it wasn't gonna be out for ages.

Still, only time will tell.

xDHAV0K24x1863d ago

I'm not pre-ordering either of them. that's so early 2000's. F Lamestop!

Eonjay1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Sorry guys I should have also added:
22. Titanfall (PC) Electronic Arts, Shooter 43,213

The PC version has more preorders than the Xbox 360 but not as much as the Xbox One.

15. Destiny (X360) Activision, Action 71,260
32. Destiny (PS3) Activision, Action 29,734

HaveAsandwich1863d ago

pc for me, though im waiting until it drops in price.

TheEnigma3131863d ago

I'm looking forward to titalfall and destiny; hopefully these two can bring life back into the stale fps genre.

thrust1863d ago

I would not say it is stale, while bf4 has a lot bug the big conquest games on consoles is really nice to see and play.

TheEnigma3131863d ago

I'm tired of the whole military themed shooters. That has grown way past stale with me.

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