Battlefield 4: Second Assault Review - Chet & Jon

Unsurprisingly, Second Assault is a good Battlefield expansion... when it actually works.

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SeanScythe1986d ago

It's 2 weeks early on xb1 that's why PS4 doesn't have it yet.

Kleptic1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

more than 2 weeks, as that has already past anyway...XB1 is the only platform that has it so far...Its very doubtful that any other platforms will get it until early next year...especially with EA claiming the entire dev focus is now on stability...even if that means delays for 'future dlc'... i'd much rather have had 2nd assault before china rising, even though CR is significantly better than i expected...

also, these guys are great...Chet's 'my week in batters' videos were some of the funniest BF3 videos i came across, other than the animated shorts...

3-4-51985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Does anybody like Firestorm ? It's my least liked FPS shooter multiplayer map ever.

Not sure why they didn't include Kharg or just update another BF2 map.

Caspian actually looked good though.

venom061986d ago

BF4 is a BRILLIANT game (and the expansions are pretty cool) now that the crashes are happening less and less.. thank god for that.

BXbomber1986d ago

Amazing how Xbox has bf4 dlc early and cod dlc early....seriously

Suicidal11986d ago

This is the only Battlefield DLC the XBONE will get early.

bornsinner1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

there is no date set for when this map pack is out on other platforms, glad i have an xbox one, i'm enjoying operation metro 64 players! it's insane!