100% Copyright Free Let's Play

Dan wanted to play the new Zelda game, but, with all the content ID problems going around these days, he wanted to make sure his ass was covered.

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mdluffy1989d ago

That is pretty funny, and this is were youtube is heading.

Insomnia_841989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


Goodbye youtube.

Fairchild Channel F1989d ago

Would like to see hundreds of videos like this pop up on youtube. Sometimes you have to totally embarrass a company and make them the butt of the joke before they pull their head out of their rump, put a leash on their lawyers and see how silly they are being.

Soldierone1989d ago

I own the brand of clothes hanging in the background, I already submitted my copyright claim to Youtube. The video should be removed shortly. /Youtube logic

Fairchild Channel F1989d ago

Funny you should say that because the wallpaper on the walls looks really familiar. I think it's from my company. Why will people buy my wallpaper if they can just go on youtube and look at it FOR FREE?!

Where's my lawyers phone number......

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