Lego The Last of Us is Freaking Awesome

Clickonline writes: "Check out the video below for a look at Anderson's take on The Last of Us, which includes some great references to the game as well as a plenty of nods to the LEGO action series of games. And stick around for that closing sting, it's a good one."

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GirlOnFire1987d ago

It's really good game no matter what form lol! ^~^ I think its time for playthrough 3.

tuglu_pati1987d ago

lol, that was awesome. That ending...

Toon_Link1987d ago

Do it! I can't believe how much I love to play this game. There's only been a small handful of games that I have played through 4x and I'm trying my best to wait for the new DLC before I play through a fifth time.

On topic that was an awesome mash up and totally makes me want to play a Lego game, I might just have to give marvel Lego a try.

Pillsbury11987d ago

I was really surprised at how much fun Lego marvel was, give the demo a try.

GirlOnFire1987d ago

Aww yeah I want Lego Marvel Superheros but Christmas doesn't make things easy. ^~^

rainslacker1987d ago

Lego:MSH was one of the best ones they've done since the first Harry Potter one. So much content, and a pretty decent story with great Lego humor.

Wish the Vita version wasn't the 3DS version, because it was pretty lame, and I would love to play the console version on the go.

KonsoruMasuta1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I lol'ed when Rick and the other guys showed up.

Fasttrack761987d ago

I'd buy that right now for my ps4

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The story is too old to be commented.