Sony patent for detecting & avoiding obstacles when playing Virtual Reality games wearing a HMD.

New Sony patent to keep VR gamers self in the real world by detecting obstacles in your surroundings & replacing them with objects in the virtual world to keep you from running into them.

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XiSasukeUchiha2967d ago

This will beat Kinect 2.0 nice VR technology Sony

Gr1mmyshadows2967d ago

Uhh it obviously does seeing that VR technology and Kinect Motion sensor are two different things

ravinash2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

True that. Put all these things together...VR + Move + Kinect, and then you can be in a virtual world and interact with it. The tech is getting there.

ZodTheRipper2967d ago

Without a doubt, VR is much more useful for gaming than Kinect. Imagine how immersive games like Skyrim or The Witness will be with that thing.

GarrusVakarian2967d ago

"Imagine how immersive games like Skyrim or The Witness will be with that thing."

My god, it would be like you are actually there. Man, that would be so amazing, VR is the one thing i really want to take off this gen.

BelkingOfSony2967d ago

looks like something cyclops (x-men) would wear

ravinash2967d ago

Yes, but I want the laser shooting eye.

_QQ_2967d ago

i really don't care about VR untill they can make the headset the size of regular glasses.

_QQ_2967d ago

sorry i just can't imagine wearing that thing or somthing like occulus rift for long periods of time. i would try it out for like 30 minutes but thats probably it.

Gr1mmyshadows2967d ago

I would like to know how much room exactly would you need to use this. What if you live in a small apartment or small room?

This does look very interesting if done right and with th technology now it should be done right.

would be cool if they did something similar to sword air online, now that I would go crazy for

Batnut002967d ago

That's...actually that's pretty neat. All these VR and Motion Controls patents coming out are getting me pretty excited about the possibilities of VR coming to PS4.

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