Sony is promoting the PS Vita with a new Christmas trailer

Sony's latest attempt to promote the PS Vita before the Christmas holiday is a new trailer showing off some of its latest titles(Tearaway,invizimals,LEG O Marvel super heroes) and the unique features of the handheld

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GdaTyler2358d ago

Sony is marketing Vita? What sorcery is this? Oh this is Europe. At least they advertise it there and in Japan unlike in US.

thehobbyist2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Even though the Vita's highest sales numbers are US... Sony needs to get it's act together

thejigisup2358d ago

Where is th remote play being shown, oh wait it isnt. Smh one of the best features of this system isn't marketed at all. And by far that commercial was one of the lamest I've seen for a handheld

sinncross2358d ago

so advertising games targetted at kids for the holiday season is lame all of a sudden?

qu1ckset2358d ago

To be honest unless playing a simple game like knack or need for speed , I didnt enjoy it that much , yes the streaming works really well but the lack of L2/R2 and L3/R3 make it hard to play a lot of games IMO

I couldn't be bothered buying thy vita knowing the vita slims are coming next year , I ended up importing a black/black vita slim and loving it , I don't mind the LCD screen , it's really sharp and crisp

DanielGearSolid2358d ago

They should've brought the Vita redesign stateside b4 christmas

thehobbyist2358d ago

Especially the one that comes with the 16gb memory card. That'd sell like hot cakes.

adis4gr2358d ago

sony isnt promoting vita since the console is lagging after the last update

Protagonist2358d ago

What are you talking about, stop spreading lies!

BelkingOfSony2358d ago

Stop trolling. At least provide a source to back up your claim, otherwise keep your insecurities to yourself.

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