Nintendo maybe willing to assist certain Youtubers from Copyright infringements

YouTube has been cracking down on copyright infringements - flagging videos and channels that violate content claim policies. However, a YouTuber has reported that Nintendo was willing to assist them on the matter.

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I didn't get a chance to edit my last comment, but I did want to say if Nintendo is helping out YouTubers I'm all for it. That's fantastic news. YouTube's change in policy is horrible for everyone. For the YouTube personalities that rely on their viewers to make enough money to do what they do full time. For those people that love watching PewDiePie, Tobuscus, Cry, Ken, etc. They won't be able to enjoy gaming videos as much anymore because of how long it would take for YouTube to approve videos. Also for gaming companies, because they're losing exposure by not having people spread videos of their game to millions of viewers.

It's horrible on all sides, and YouTube REALLY needs to change this back to how it was. If not, they're going to quickly find out how big of a mistake this is in the near future. Fix this YouTube.

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My Twitter feed has been blowing up from all of my favorite Youtube channel owners, from ProJared to GaijinGoombah, all of whom are getting very strict Content ID matches. Youtube is just following up the comment debacle with another crazy stupid issue, one that is already ruining the entire gaming side of the site.

I agree. It's horrible.

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So Nintendo may be stepping up?
That's good news. It might help restore lost trust.
I really hope that most of the game devs out there just help this issue vanish again.
We don't need anymore SOPA-ish crap happening to our internet.