Why You Shouldn’t be So Upset at Nintendo’s Reveal During the VGX

Allisa James from DualShockers tells you why you shouldn't be so mad at Nintendo for their Cranky Kong announcement at the VGX this year.

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-Foxtrot1991d ago

So everything else you can hate but's fine

Sorry but no...the entire show was a joke and that reveal added to it, it was the most talked about because it was the most laughable especialy when we already knew about Cranky Kong.

They could of even talked more about an announced game like Mario Kart or Smash Bros and it would of been better then that

ajames3471991d ago

My issue is that honestly, any announcement would have been a waste at that show. I kinda wish that Nintendo wasn't there at all but since they were, the Cranky Kong reveal was good enough.

And regardless of the reasons, Cranky Kong was the only trending topic from the VGX, which should tell you something about the quality of the overall show.

sinncross1991d ago

Just because something trends does not mean it is doing so in a positive light...

either way, I understand that DK is the next big game Nintendo is pushing, but their VGX presence was a let down nonetheless.

_QQ_1991d ago

yeah but they would have had to bring Sakurai over from Japan,the Entire show was a joke and Dk krankey kong reveal did add too it. But i don't doubt that if Nintendo knew the VGX was going to be in a nice venue with orchestra and all like the years before, they would've brought a better announcement.Same goes for everything shown at VGX, those 10 seconds trailers and all.

starfox0791991d ago

N4G is very funny it's just full of articles that tell you things you already know or have worked out for yourself ????

Nintendo are not stupid they will be preparing some big hits for next E3....Zelda,Metroid,ect ect

starfox0791991d ago

Nintendo might have project Offset ????

AHall881991d ago

Next E3 may be too little too late.
At this point they NEED to have something insanely huge in the pipeline, because right now the Wii U will be lucky if it ends up hitting Gamecube numbers, hell if the projected November numbers ring true it's hitting SUB DREAMCAST numbers.

Who the hell is going to buy a console that's granted no third party support? Nintendo games are great, but just that won't cut it anymore. Nintendo really needs to turn it around some how because the industry is much better off with three heathy platforms.

mrbojingles1991d ago

You have to understand that Nintendo probably planned that appearance months in advance and they couldn't have predicated that a retailer would leak Cranky Kong a week before the show. Heck, you have to also consider that DKC is coming out in two months and that Spike advertisers probably wanted games that are close to release (relatively) too. Yes, a fourth playable character in DKC isn't the biggest announcement but we weren't suppose to know about it ahead of time. I wish they had hyped X or Bayo 2 but I really don't think people are considering how the rug was pulled out from under them with the Cranky leak.

ChickeyCantor1991d ago

It's not like VGX is the only place where they announce stuff.

The fact everyone is being hysterical about it is just laughable.

Aceman181991d ago

the show was stupid and for me the reveal of kranky was just as stupid. i can't believe i wasted time watching and waiting for their reveal.

Evilsnuggle1990d ago

Thank GOD I thought I was acting like a chick I was so uncomfortable during the show. I thought the host was being condescending and annoying . I'm so glad hear Everton else saying the same thing.

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Lionalliance1991d ago

Its the fact that they build up the hype for what they were gonna show and turn out to be disappointing.

mrbojingles1991d ago

They didn't build the hype, you did. They said it was a revealed game time and time again. You knew DKC was coming out in two months and it would be logical to promote it at the show. I'm not talking about you but its silly that so many people are told "It won't be a new game or Zelda" and then lose their shit when it isn't a new game or zelda.

Metallox1991d ago

I'm upset because Nintendo screwed up an incredible opportunity to buy more Wii U owners.

R00bot1991d ago

Whatever they could have shown then will be shown later, and the games will be further on in development, so they'll have more to show.
VGX was terrible anyway, Nintendo didn't even need to attend.

Blaze9291991d ago

nintendo's just been really out of touch with its users lately. From YouTube to gaming events, it's like they've acquired this old business mindset

mydyingparadiselost1991d ago

DK would be the most popular thing to show in America, itls not like they would come out and make a huge announcement for something that isn't in their other market (Japan) as well. It was still a huge failure of a reveal though, even just a little Smas Bros. gameplay or ANY trailer for another game would have been nice. Cranky was already pretty much a guaranteed addition to DK so labeling anything as an 'announcement' is a pretty far leap.
We can all agree something else should have been shown, it's a shame they couldn't lend some much neede substance to the show.

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