Update 11: VALKYR UNLEASHED, available December 12th on PlayStation 4, is loaded with new environments, Warframes, weapons, and more – including the introduction of the new Berserker Warframe - Valkyr.

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BiggCMan1985d ago

FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I have been waiting so long for this!!! I am an AVID PC player, and with this update should hopefully bring PC account migration over to PS4 so I can start playing again.

himdeel1984d ago

I am hooked on this game!

sigfredod1984d ago

also with the update now the lotus messages output on the DS4 speaker, that's nice

nope1111984d ago

How do you even pronounce that?

Rockefellow1984d ago

It's just two uncomplicated syllables, not particularly hard to pronounce. The "yr" part might sound different depending on who's saying it, of course.

jahfen831984d ago

YEAH! Been playing a lot of this on PS4.

gamer20131984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I was considering downloading this game and checking it out are the environments truly as static as some people are claiming on YouTube?

cleft51984d ago

It's a fun game in the vain of ME3 mp or Diablo or Path of Exile. I suggest you check it out for yourself, after all it is F2P so download it while you play something else.

dericb111984d ago


They are but only because they are randomly generated if i'm not mistaken. But the game is only really fun and has a ton ways to customize your Warframe be unique.

iceman061984d ago

The game is pretty good in it's current state. The environments aren't as static as they once were. It's seems like they are doing things server side to produce new effects. Or, maybe it's related to planets. But, just last night certain aspects of the level began moving...that hadn't before.
Overall, if you like co-op shooting like the Mass Effect 3 mp and you like the "grinding" of RPG's, then it's a pretty good combination of both. Everything in the game, aside from cosmetic mods, can be earned with patience. For the impatient, there is the monetized platinum. If you get the PS Plus free download pack, you get some starting cash too.

GirlOnFire1984d ago

I'm jumping back into some ninja sliding and slicing action again tonight I'm excited! ^~^