Eliza Fighting into Tekken Revolution on December 19th, Here’s Her Introduction Trailer

Remember earlier this year when Namco held that Tekken Revolution Original Character Poll? Well, the winner of that poll, the lovely vampire Eliza, will finally be released for the free to play fighter later this month.

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XiSasukeUchiha1991d ago

Demonic, Reminds me of Devil Jin but only female

Godmars2901991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Anyone bother to check and see how Namco's F2P strategy is working?

Mean its one thing to introduce new material, its another to be showing a profit.

MightyNoX1991d ago

They're adding new characters so I assume it's working to some extent.

fardan851991d ago

I think they are making a profit out of the game. They keep on improving and investing in the game.

OT: She looks interesting, Eliza should come to Tekken Tag 2 where Tekken players can fully examine her. At the moment, I only use TR for practice when I don't feel like swapping discs.

nope1111991d ago

She looks cool but, eh, Tekken Revolution is F2P done wrong.
DoA5U core fighters is a better example.

GSKerns1991d ago

Sooo is it sleeping or drinking blood that triples her breast size? Also... Reppuken!

jtenma1991d ago

LOL I was almost sure I was going to see a "RAGINGU STARMUU"!!!


tarbis1991d ago

MY NEW FEMALE MAIN! Some of her moves are Lili-ish.
I was waiting for her to do a Kaiser wave. XD

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