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Xbox One In Stock Availability Diminishes as Holidays Approach


"As the highly anticipated November 22, 2013 Xbox One release date has passed, the laws of supply and demand appear to be showing up both in-store and online retailers. Most online and in-store pre-order options are closed up and not in-stock, leaving one with dwindling Xbox One availability and in stock options to secure the latest offering from Microsoft."

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lifeisgamesok2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

X1 is here to stay

And just think Halo 5 isn't even out yet and before that is Titanfall

NewMonday2047d ago ShowReplies(5)
MasterCornholio2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Titanfall is also on PC and Xbox 360. I'll give you Halo 5 though but I have a feeling that Destiny will do better than it.

Edit: ROFL at SonyPony, LLalana and GreenPowerz.

tigertom532047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I think most people will want to play Titianfall on a console just like any FPS games sell better on the console and people will want the best console to play it on and will want to upgrade from the 360.. I also think people are underestimating Quantum Break..

Pogmathoin2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I have not seen one X1 since launch, shoppers drugmart recently got 3 near me, but there was a line outside before it opened. I said nothing wrong, but if I am reported for being immature, will I get hidden? Both systems are doing great, which is great as the developers and publishers will jump over much more quickly.

Well said Christocolus, I have learned its better to turn a blind eye here, many are going to disagree with me and even report me for genocide, simply because I will not condemn MS and say only PS is worthy. I will get little protection here either.

KingDadXVI2047d ago

I think that what we are seeing here is that MS has really tuned their supply chain. I spoke to a manager at the Future Shop (something like Best Buy but in Canada) and he told me that they were sold out but get deliveries each day (overall stock not just Xbox Ones). The best thing he said was to check in everyday to see if any came in with that delivery. If they get some that day then come in right away. That is why people are seeing them on shelves. The store goes out of stock, gets another batch a few days later and then sells out again.

It took my brother 2-1/2 weeks before he finally managed to pick up one and they got 20 in. The next day they were all gone but during the day before if you walked in they had stock.

@Ps4beaver OT but as per your comment: "Well said Christocolus, I have learned its better to turn a blind eye here, many are going to disagree with me and even report me for genocide, simply because I will not condemn MS and say only PS is worthy. I will get little protection here either." I play all the consoles but Xbox is my preferred brand. That being said you get a bubble up and agree from me for being level headed.

NewMonday2047d ago


I talked about this a few days ago, MS has large numbers of XB1 in storage but limit store supply to create fake "sold out" hype, one of the tricks of the trade.

Sony pushed all PS4 consoles to retailers and when it sells out it is for real, you cant find any until another factory shipment is sent out.

christocolus2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )


With the higher price too. Im really amazed.Imagine if halo5 or titanfall actually launched with the console.

The console is doing really and partners must be happy about this.Im impressed.


I didnt see anything wrong with your comment..yesterday i posted a comment congratulating ms for a job well done(selling 2m consoles in 18 days in 13 countires and at a higher price)and a sony fan called me crazy.i didnt really give a damn but if you were reported for being immature here then that guy should have also been reported..crap like this always happens ...just let it go bro. Enjoy the articles , post your comments and ignore the trolls.

Anon19742047d ago

Just went into my local PlayNTrade yesterday (up in Canada) and was surprised to find they didn't receive a single Xbox One for launch. He said they had 50 people who preordered and had to phone them all to let them know they had no idea when they'd see any. A lot of abuse was heaped on that poor bastard. Is it really so hard to let these stores know how much inventory is coming ahead of time? Same thing happened with the PS4, they said, with less than 10 units allocated to them and not a single unit since.

Trekster_Gamer2046d ago

Didn't read the article. My first thought after reading the title was, why not trade in your ps4 for a true next gen experience!

mrpsychoticstalker2046d ago


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Shazz2047d ago

I think its going to swing back and forth over next few months with stock running out on both sides. Great stuff foe the industry that between them both its basically 5 million shifted already :)

Volkama2047d ago

Stock should catch up and both consoles will be readily available early in the new year I should think. Both consoles are being pumped out pretty fast...

MrSwankSinatra2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

the people trolling are hilarious. honestly can't we just be happy that both consoles are selling well which makes for better competition which means more games & better games for us games. at the end of the day sony & microsoft aren't paying you to argue about sales figures.

parentsbasement2047d ago

I would troll, I just cant seem to get the knack of it...

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