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Is the slimmer, lighter, brighter Vita a step up from the original?

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mikeslemonade1987d ago

Instead of rushing a "gimped" model to stay competitive they should have waited for the cost to go further down before they made a redesign. Now customers are just gonna be confused on which one to buy. One is cheaper and newer but isn't as good. Freaking Apple started this whole bull-crap with iPhone 5C.

slapedurmomsace1987d ago

Apple didn't start this business practice. It was around before that, and how can you say that when Samsung is the king of this crap with their galaxy line. lawd.

O/T..anything that gets more Vitas in consumers hands that could influence developers to make games for the system is a good thing.

Sarcasm1987d ago

The only thing that is "gimped" is the screen isn't it?

I can't watch the video right now at work.

BattleAxe1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I will get the new model when I finally buy a Vita for these reasons:

- Micro USB Port
- LCD Screen is better in daylight
- It's slimmer and lighter
- I like the colour selection
- the PS button and Start/Select are larger and protrude out more, making them easier to use
- 1GB internal memory
- one slot on the top rather than having two like the old version has, which of course one slot was never used
- shoulder buttons are more firm and stable
- smaller rear touch pad, so that it won't get in the way as much when gripping the Vita
- more textured plastics on the sides in the front and on the rear of the Vita
- Longer battery life because of the LCD screen

beakeroo11987d ago

OLED is better out of direct sunlight, I never play outside.

1GB internal memory isn't enough to use. It's quite useless when you consider that it doesn't work in conjuction with a memory card, the moment you use a memory card in this thing the internal memory is deactivated.

What difference does an extra top slot make?

There's plenty of colour selection in the original model (I love my red Soul Sacrifice LE)

Shoulder buttons felt same to me, never had a problem at all with looseness or instability of them.

Adolph Fitler1987d ago

As long as it plays the games mike, & lots of people buy them coupled with PS4's, it means we who already own one, will get even more games like Tearaway, SSHD, LBP, Killzone & many others, as for me, it is THE BEST HANDHELD EVER...All it needs to establish that to the ignorant is a larger install base, so GAMES, GAMES, GAMES start flowing baby.

Sarcasm1987d ago

That's the thing, as far as the actual device goes, the PS Vita is a fantastic one. I love my Vita and I play on it regularly. Just something about the feel of it really resonates with me.

As for games, yes I wish it had more big budget titles, but I actually really enjoy the small titles. That and honestly I can't afford to buy most of the games on there anyway seeing as how I'm already spending a lot on the PC and consoles (PS3/PS4)

TheLastGuardian1987d ago

This guy gets it. We can't even afford all the Vita games we want nor do we have the time to play them all. It's not like the Vita is our only platform. Although, as someone who's been away from their home consoles for the past few months, gaming strictly on the Vita is not bad. The Vita has more than enough great games, even if it was your only gaming platform.

Sarcasm1987d ago

^Exactly, I have like 8 games installed on my Vita which some are PS+ titles, but I really want to buy tearaway, injustice, and a few other games but don't quite have the money. That and I've been hooked on KZ merc.

HighResHero1986d ago

I love my oLED Vita. I keep it right to the left of my laptop on my keyboards rubber drum pads.
I can pick it up in 2 seconds, play a game for a while, and put it back down just as fast.
The new models are enticing enough that I will probably buy a second Vita when I find a good deal. I hope the great unique titles and JRPGs continue to roll out for this great dedicated handheld.

ColeMacGrath1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I like it.

-Better triggers
-Longer battery life
-Lighter and thinner
-1GB of built-in storage
-Uses the standard micro USB type-B port
-Better design and feel (based on many reviews)
-More color options

-LCD screen instead of OLED
...Really can't think of any other con, there's not much difference in comparison to the original on many games in terms of visuals.

JoGam1987d ago

I like it too. I'm grabbing a new model. Already have the original.

MakiManPR1986d ago

Same here. PS Vita Slim>PS Vita

Only the Screen is the Con and the difference arent even that big.

Outlaw19861987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

What if I have two vitas? Can I use the same account on both of them? I would use different memory cards also.

jonatan2211987d ago

I think after the newest update, you can assign three devices to one account. So i'm sure you can have the same account on both Vitas.

Outlaw19861986d ago

That's cool. Thanks, I might consider one of these if there cheap enough and I run out of space on my 32gb memory card just so I don't have to keep switching the memory card out for different games.
Plus if I play my vita too long my hand cramps up. I wonder if this one will fix that and I'd be able to play it for longer periods do time.

HighResHero1986d ago

Try one of those ergonomic rubber cases for the Vita.

Frodosmugins1987d ago

I a veteran gamer and have to say Vita is probably the best thing I have bought for a long time!
It keeps me so busy during those idle times in my life!
I love it!
No game boy has ever made me feel like that!

I got the last batch of 3G models in Japan earlier this year! New ones look cool but I prefer my original! :)

at the mo I'm on Killzone and got sonic racing game of PSN+ for free!

Knushwood Butt1987d ago

Love my Vita and use it pretty much every day.

The end.

Sarcasm1987d ago

It's safe to say many if not most people who actually owns a Vita really loves the device. It's those Sony haters that feed off the doom and gloom because the sales aren't high, just like the Wii U.

Who knows, there could be a certain price point ($149?) That could really make the sales take off since it will be more affordable for gamers of all ages.

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