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It's strange to think back how long it's been since EA Sports' NBA Live franchise actually meant something. Live hasn't been a very good basketball simulation for close to a decade, but there were enough entries in the early 2000s that more or less justified the franchise's continued existence and kept the NBA licensing game competitive, especially with then-and-current top dog 2K Sports' NBA 2K series.

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joab7771987d ago

Its simply a rough undertaking to have to release next to nba2k14...especially on ps4 & xbone. Game is soo damn good.

combatcash1987d ago

EA forgot how to make nba games, I loved their association mode way back in the 05 and before

iceman061987d ago

The problem with EA's Live, IMO, is that they really didn't settle on a base for the game. They had one, then scrapped it twice since trying to be competitive. Whereas, like it or not, 2K settled on a base mechanic and pretty much have been tweaking the hell out of it. It's hard to compete when you keep starting from beginning each and every time.

Sarcasm1986d ago

Last gen graphics and animations, wonky controls, and poor gameplay. 1/5 is about right.