Did VGX Show a Split In Modern Video Game Culture?

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Pre-note: The content of this post is based purely on the reactions of others towards VGX, and not of myself or the site as a whole.

In the aftermath of VGX, it seems people’s opinions on the event have been divided to say the least. Some have condemned the whole show as crude, poorly made, and utterly irrelevant; some merely viewed it as passable; others enjoyed the whole show from beginning to end. It’s strange that a show aimed at one large audience–the gaming audience–has garnered such a mixed reaction. But is this a good thing? Does it display the range of people who play videogames now? Or is it something a little less easier to bear?''

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GamerEuphoria1988d ago

The rap group were a bit...cringey? No idea who they even are.

LOGICWINS1988d ago


ELCUCO1988d ago

I try everything in my power to erase that moment from my memory...but it haunts me!

Reverent1988d ago

The Band was "The Wave", but the guys that where being total morons, were "The Loiter Squad". They're from a s***ty TV show that nobody watches. The show airs on Adult Swim at like 2 am. when they have nothing better to show.

WHY VGX would invite those guys is BEYOND me.

Elmatoor1988d ago

The rap group when they started to talk my brain cells pretty much died. The VGX just sucked.

I watched the whole thing and I don't know how I survived.

sry for bad english.

Godmars2901988d ago

Who's saying they enjoyed it? That it wasn't another example of PR people being clueless about the market they were trying to cater to?

Pixelgate1988d ago

The hours after, and a day or so, i had a peek around various sites (N4G being one of them) and there is a fair sized amount of people who seemed to enjoy the show. Some people seemingly enjoyed Joel's jokes and presenting, different strokes for different folks i guess.

for the record i wasn't keen on the show at all, i feel it's only valid purpose was giving No Man's Sky a popular platform to gain attention and fans.

LOGICWINS1988d ago

I didn't enjoy Joel's jokes. More so how everyone reacted to them. Geoff was pretty close to losing his cool lol.

Joel was simply being Joel. He makes fun of everything. Thats his niche. If Geoff didn't see this coming, then thats an L on his part.

It's like allowing a convicted felon to sleepover and while your out picking up breakfast, your house is robbed.

Pixelgate1988d ago


I'm based in the UK so i really can't comment on his work as this was the first I've seen of him. I've been told he's funny in the shows he's in and was just carrying on his traits into the VGX, but again i wouldn't know!

I am curious to see his stuff though so recommendations would be welcomed ^^

LOGICWINS1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

He actually has an impressive career. Didn't know he had so many acting roles.

admiralvic1988d ago

"there is a fair sized amount of people who seemed to enjoy the show. Some people seemingly enjoyed Joel's jokes and presenting"

There are always going to be exceptions, like some people defend Declassified as being a good game. However, the vast majority of people did not enjoy VGX, because it was a step back in everything.

Awards? It felt like we spent more time hearing about Cranky Kong than anything award related, even though this was suppose to be an award show (or the VGA's were anyway).
Previews? Last year we got The Phantom Pain, this year we got No Man Sky. Not going to say it was a huge let down, but Kojima's amazingly well crafted trailer was certainly more interesting than No Man Sky. In fact, people spent well over a week just trying to figure out all the clues in it. VGX isn't even a week old and hardly anyone talks about it besides mocking it.
Liking McHale? I am willing to bet people enjoyed him making Geoff feel uncomfortable more than they liked anything he actually said or did. People don't like Geoff for a number of reasons (most of which are fairly legitimate), so they will endorse bad behavior if it does something they approve of.

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Z_-_D_-_31988d ago

You'd think Spike would have the Gametrailers staff walk into their office and slowly explain to them what they're doing wrong. You have an entire division of true gamers under your wing capable of crafting a fantastic awards show, yet you completely ignore them.

Dehnus1988d ago

"True gamers", seriously? Have we come to a point where we now call the casuals "untergamers" and the ones that feel better and play just different or have a taste for what they consider better games "ubergamers"?

Z_-_D_-_31987d ago

Meaning, people that actually play games daily. Don't be so touchy over common terminology.

arbitor3651988d ago

there was no gaming culture at the VGX

bleedsoe9mm1988d ago

i thought joel mchales's jokes were like reading a troll's jokes on a message board . so if thats who they were trying to target , then well done !

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