Platinum Games creative director is fed up with Bayonetta 2 port begging.

Platinum Games creative director JP Kellams has revealed on Twitter that he is fed up with Microsoft and Sony gamers requesting that Bayonetta 2 be ported to the Xbox and the PlayStation.

Snookies123583d ago

What's wrong with that? It should be a compliment. They like your game.

iamnsuperman3583d ago

True, though it might get annoying when the answer is clearly Nintendo is funding the game (publishing it and all)

mikeslemonade3583d ago

The gamers will come together and win.. Boycott Bayonetta 2 so when they make Bayonetta 3 they will package B2 with B3 for X1 and PS4.

NatureOfLogic3583d ago

It sucks being fan of a game series in today's games industry. Even when I get my WiiU I'm skipping this game.

Spurg3583d ago

If that's how you win count me out. Gamers are the worst...boycot a game so it release on your preferred must be tripping.

andrewer3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

@mikeslemonade Boycott? That makes no sense at all, as they won't even be able to buy it. Boycott Bayonetta 2 would be like Wii U gamers boycotting it...If you are a Xbox One gamer only for example it's not like you can boycott Killzone or something, that makes no sense.

mikeslemonade3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Well if you want B3 to made for the WiiU then go buy B2 for the WiiU. B3 with current gen technology would be better than B3 with last gen technology. So if you stunt the potential of last-gen's best hack-slash game, then keep buying it on the WiiU.

From early reports Nintendo won't make enough money from this and then Platinum games will go 3rd party multiplat again for their next game. I'm guessimg B2 is gonna only sell 80k for the first week and then won't reach 500,000 units in its lifetime. Considering that would be a 1:10 attach ratio for the Wii U right now.

TruthBTold3583d ago

Here is the thing. With low WiiU sales, B2 will sell like sh!t on it. So let it fail, XBox One and PS4 owners will make other games succeed in sales.

darthv723583d ago

The easy answer to say to those who are begging is....get a wii-u. Problem solved.

its not that hard to see there will be games you just cant play any other way than by buying the platform its for. Put away the petty differences of platform loyalty and stick to what we are really loyal to. the games themselves.

mydyingparadiselost3583d ago

That is literally the dumbest thing I've read today. Bayo 2 WOULD NOT EXIST if Nintendo hadn't put up the money for it. No one wanted to fund a sequel so what makes you think boycotting Bayo 2 would get a ps4/Xone version or a Bayo 3 on ANYTHING? smh....

mikeslemonade3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Platinum's Inaba is a money hat. Money talks..

Bayonetta 2 will sell like crap. Even hardcore Nintendo fans won't buy it because it's not a "Nintendo game". It fits perfectly in the PlayStation universe with the X1 zealots also double dipping on it.

You know what else Nintendo will do.. they will ruin the game. Bayonetta 1 was the best hack/slash game last generation and Nintendo will put some restrictive crap on it and then make it crap.

stragomccloud3583d ago

If Bayonetta 2 is boycotted, then there will be no Bayonetta 3.

PeaSFor3583d ago

then may he accept the future flop like MadWorld was, he probably will be happy to see his game being ignored i guess?

k2d3583d ago

@iamsuperman: There's a sweet irony there for the developer. Wonder if he's annoyed that all his fans are on ps and xbox?

SilentNegotiator3583d ago

Platinum Games employees are still pricks that can't just ignore a couple of posts on Twitter and some gamers are still ignorant to the fact that Nintendo is funding the game.

What's the news here?

Gaming1013583d ago

You don't need to boycott Bayonetta 2, it isn't first party Nintendo, and it's on Nintedo's console, so its sales will not be stellar. They will be forced to port to next gen to make up for losses.

Sevir3583d ago

Boycotting this game isn't a bad idea, after all Nintendo doesn't own the IP, Sega does, so it's feasible and sane, but if they do I don't think anyone will benefit, Sega wasn't even going to do a second game in the franchise since the first one didn't perform as well as they wanted.

I doubt it'll get a sequel if we boycotted it... Best to support the game in it's current state and hope they bring the franchise on the PS4 and Xbox One later.

Obviously it's clear that fans want it, it would be nuts to not answer the call of fans who got into the franchise WELL AFTER the game launched.

Cha0tik3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

@mikeslemonade Just tried talking to this guy... It's pointless. For someone that helped make such an amazing game the "gamers voice" aspect doesn't exist to this guy. Don't bother tweeting him either. He is the one losing money for nobody else buying the game on other consoles. I'll be happy just playing the first one. They lost my money.

To everyone else: Boycott it! They obviously don't want your money. One voice speaks for the entire team and when idiots like this decide to voice out how they feel about people requesting a port. Normally companies would be happy people like their game but obviously this isn't the case for them. Who cares if there is no B3? Not many will be able to play B2 because we won't buy a Wii U for one game.

_QQ_3583d ago

@ mikeslemonade by the time Bayo 3 comes out a gamer would probably have a wiiu by then.

DOMination-3583d ago

Bayonetta was rubbish and nobody bought it. That's why they never did a sequel until somebody paid for it. I don't know why anybody outside of cosplayers would be interested and if you are you should be diehard enough to just go get a wiiu.

tehpees33583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

@ Gaming101

Clearly you have no idea how game design works. Platinum got their money from Nintendo. All money earned goes to Nintendo.

Nobody is paying for a PS4 and XBO port because Nintendo won't put it on a rival platform and Sega can't afford it. Konami clearly didn't want Bayonetta 2 or they would have published it along with Rising. If MS and Sony wanted it they would have done what Nintendo is doing.

Take it out on those guys. They aren't paying for this fantasy of your's to come true. Platinum couldn't care less as they have their money.

DragonKnight3583d ago

I don't know why you are all arguing about this. This game is on the Wii U. Platinum Games are going to find out the hard way where the money is at this gen, and it's not on the Wii U. Bayonetta 2 is going to sell less than the first game and Platinum Games won't make a Bayonetta 3. That's all that's going to happen.

Why should anyone support them anyway? They're lazy devs. They didn't make a proper Playstation 3 port of the first game and instead handed it off to Sega, who ruined it. Rising is a mediocre game, and Bayonetta is exclusive to probably the worst console for its genre to be exclusive to.

Clearly these people have no idea what they're doing, and it will be on them when they lose so much money. You don't have to boycott the game if you don't have and don't plan on getting a Wii U anyway.

kreate3583d ago

if the game doesn't sell well on the wii-u.
than I guess he only has himself to blame since he is so 'fed-up' with gamers asking otherwise.

ZodTheRipper3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I know a lot of people disagree with me but Bayonetta was on my Top5 Most Hated games last gen so I couldn't care less :D
I own a WiiU but I will never buy that POS

UltimateMaster3582d ago

The Wii U really needs this game as an exclusive for it's success.
If it were to loose it...

webeblazing3582d ago

more hating on a console they do not own. how surprising. if you want the game buy wiiU. more exclusives is coming out and all yall say is that its gonna eventually come to next gen and i dont care its crap anyway.

yall tout exclusives so much but have a problem when sony dont have excess to a game. give credit when credits do.

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reef10173583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Is Nintendo funding Bayonetta 2?

Thanks got the answer.

iamnsuperman3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

They are the publishers so they have to be other wise Nintendo have managed to swindle a very good deal. The money doesn't have to be for the game development (but with Platinum Games not being small I doubt that) but for things like advertisement

Skip_Bayless3583d ago

Bayonetta Sigma 2 for X1 and PS4

-Foxtrot3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Didn't Microsoft fund Bioware though for Mass Effect

...just this industry stranger things have happened.


Couldn't a third party publisher or Sony/MS buy the rights from Nintendo would take years to see it on other platforms but it's not "impossible"....righ t?

NYC_Gamer3583d ago

EA bought the Mass Effect 1 console rights from MS and then they created a ps3 version

EcoSos33583d ago

No its not impossible but theyll have to ask both Nintendo and Sega so if either one of them say no you wont see it on another console.