Last-Gen In 60 Seconds (PS3/Xbox 360)

NowGamer celebrates the end of the previous generation with this very short video...

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NukaCola1990d ago

Still so many missing titles. Last gen was great and isn't over just yet.

tdogchristy901990d ago

The one near the beginning with the atomic explosion fallout 3?

GhostTurtle1990d ago

Yes. If you haven't played it go do so now. =)

UncleGermrod1989d ago

not very good, way too many important and genre-defining titles missing. One quick example is Gears, which at the time was actually a pretty big deal. But there are a ton of other titles that this guy should have thrown in

combatcash1989d ago

Gears was my first online love lol. It was the first game that felt like next gen and felt fresh at the time.

UncleGermrod1989d ago

I agree, and that is why it is what came to mind while I was watching this video. I thought for sure it would pop up. Sure, other people would name other games off the top of their heads, but for me, this is the first title that really made me go "wow". It was my first online game as well. It is franchises like gears that come along and justify the move to new hardware by showcasing what is possible.