Power Leveled: What Would You Change About the Xbox One?

The console wars are in full swing now with the PS4 and Xbox One finally hitting homes around the world. We’ve had extensive play time with both consoles here at Power Leveled and have experienced the ups and downs with the new generation.

The great thing about this generation, and the last, is that things can change. With that being said, I am going to give my opinions on what changes Microsoft should make on the Xbox One.

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Lalanana3340d ago

Just another troll I see. Rushed to spread negativity

Off topic incoming from mods..yet the troll won't be flagged.

Regis3340d ago

I would change the removable harddrive to increase the space in a drive and not violate the warranty and make kinnect a optional thing.

Z_-_D_-_33340d ago

I would change everything too - The design, indie policies, focus on entertainment, Kinect's level of importance, invest in first party studios, improve Games For Gold, Go for better hardware.

I just described a PS4, though.

Insomnia_843340d ago

Would you stop your childish complaints? That's his opinion and here goes mine...

I would change the company that makes it.

There, cry some more, geez!

GarrusVakarian3340d ago

How can YOU call anyone a troll? You are one of the biggest known trolls of this website.

Pogmathoin3339d ago

Why would mods switch sides Lalanana? It would make them look bad.

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EasilyTheBest3340d ago

Pathetic. If it had a 1000 cores and was more powerful than all computers and consoles combined and was given away for free you would find something wrong with it...

malokevi3340d ago

I was disappointed to discover it wasn't actually a water cooler. Fix this, MS!

cyguration3340d ago

Dang you stole my response.

christocolus3340d ago


I believe this article is directed at fans of the console, those who own it, planning to get one or are atleast genuinely interested in the console..definitly not you bro.

JsonHenry3340d ago

I would not have skimped on the GPU, got rid of the ESRAM, and went fully unified no gimmicks and had ~10gigs of ram total instead of 8. In order to pay for all of this I would not have included kinect and left the voice commands up to your gamepad-microphone like the PS4 did.

jessupj3340d ago

Honestly if nothing was changed except that instead of MS being the manufacture it was a better company that actually respected the gamer and didn't try to completely ruin console gaming in the name of greed with draconian DRM, the xbone would be a viable console.

I'd still buy the PS4 initially because it's significantly more power and so will hae better performing multiplats, but I would possibly buy one a few years down the line for it's exclusives if there's a lot of good ones Ié missed out on.

As it stands, as long as MS is in control of the direction the xbone is headed I'm staying the hell away from it.

XiSasukeUchiha3340d ago

Honestly if wasn't for the decision that M$ may before the 180 it would soll more than PS4

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aviator1893340d ago

I'm digging mine so far, but one thing I'd tweak is the interface. It needs background pics (I mean...come on..), party chat needs polishing, friends list needs tweaking, some features missing from 360 interface need to come back, and well, I can't really say anything other than that.

I'm sure it'll all be patched in future updates.

Magnus7013340d ago

After the update last night, the interface has been running a lot smoother and faster. Just got to wait for them to roll out the features like twitch streaming and general improvements over time.

A lot of this stuff will be fixed with updates within the next year.

aviator1893340d ago

Yeah, main thing I'm looking forward to is twitch integration.
I hope they nail the app.

skoorydook3340d ago

Dunno, let you know when I get one.

Only played a little of DR3 on my mates so far

MonkeyOne3340d ago

Allow me to stream my archive of music, TV shows, movies and other media to the device for pete's sake. And yes that means MKV's too.

My $89 Roku player blows the One away as a media player.

GiantEnemyCrab3340d ago

I logged in just to say HELL YEAH!

MonkeyOne3340d ago

It's ridiculous

They defined the One as a media center hub but it can't even browse a PC share like the 360 can.

It's a joke and they need to fix it.

If they want to make some money off of the ability to stream media then sell me an app that does it.

$65 is fair for a media streamer app.

webeblazing3340d ago

damn I thought it would be able to do that. do you have to win8 to do it ?

Magnus7013340d ago

Yeah, pretty sure the "xbox music" app for Win 8 (fuck that) allows you to do all the media sharing you want with the Xbox One. But you need Win 8.....which sucks. Wish they would at least bring back media center integration.

MonkeyOne3340d ago

Windows 8 may give you a little more streaming abilities but i'm pretty sure it still doesn't play MKV format.

webeblazing3340d ago

xbox music app sucks on win8 sooo annoying why didn't they just split the os when your installing in the being to just get rid of the mobile part things pop up when you don't want it, it would been better if they were link to the programs like Ubuntu but I guess they copied wrong.

sorry for being off topic I hope the patch the xbone for yall to get it working like yall want it to.
Bubz to yall for responding

dennett3163340d ago

Ditch Kinect. Beef up the specs. Build a mic and basic camera into the controller for voice controls and skype usage, and rely on Smartglass for browsing the UI and using the TV functions if they must be kept. Ideally I'd ditch that notion as well, but it's the one thing that separates the One from the PS4, so could be worth keeping. If they wanted a gimmicky way to sign into the console, then a thumb print scanner on the controller would have worked nicely in that regard.

As it is, we're stuck with a console with an inaccurate motion control camera which doesn't benefit any game other than dance games, and a severely under-powered machine due to the development being put into the insipid camera. Kinect is a waste of resources.

webeblazing3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

i didn't disagree because i repect your opinion, Kinect seem like it would be a nice feature haven't tried the new one. whats so bad about it beside being worthless in games right now.. matter fact that a huge neg lol. all the other idea you post are great ideas especially the one about the controller putting a camera on it would seem like a great idea. i play with my arms bent like 90* infront of me so the camera would be at the perfect place if im skyping and playing the game.

i thought they had smartglass for the interface too. i would of expected everyone to say better specs tho especially how everyone bashes on it for that one reason.

oh heres a BUB liked your comment

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