The Midnight Society: Four Games that Will Make You Cry

Hardcore Gamer: I was afraid of the dark when I was younger. I would have my mom check under my bed for monsters, aliens, burglars and rapists; then the closet with a similar list of potential assailants. Despite her routine searches, she never seemed to find a single threat. Personally, I think it’s because she wasn’t really looking well enough, otherwise she’d have discovered my box of imported pornography and dangerously curdled ankle socks. However, it’s thanks to my mothers subpar monster-scouting skills and my realization that not all seventeen year old boys have Popeye night-lights that I finally decided to purchase a bed without an open bottom.

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ChaosKnight1988d ago

Is Ride to Hell: Retribution on the list?

admiralvic1988d ago

That game doesn't make you cry, it haunts your dreams like Freddy. ;-; Thankfully I live in Michigan and am protected by Ashley J. Williams. =D

LogicLee1987d ago

That game is the reason I now have two glass eyes. I purchased them on eBay to freak people out.

Pintheshadows1987d ago

To The Moon, although I am aware this is a horror themed list. I'd say Outlast but that just gave me a heart condition.