Clips: PS3 Controller Interface

This video shows you what the controller menu looks like and what you can do with the Playstation button on it.

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InMyOpinion4458d ago

I'm surprised over how cheap the interface looks. It's like a bad clone of the 360 interface, they really have no shame...

kmis874458d ago

You think they stole the Cross Media Bar? You do realize that they've had that thing since before the 360 came out.

calderra4458d ago

Depending on who's missing what here...
When you hold the Guide button down on 360, the options it gives you are "turn off controller" and "turn off console" with options to select with A or hit B to exit. Look at what happens when you hold the PS3 button again and see if you spot any similarities at all.

Or maybe that the Guide button is not only what connects the controller to the console but also powers on the console if it's off? Still not seeing similarities?

Bebedora4458d ago

Calderra: Jenzo talked about the cross media bar. You put some other irrellevant to the mix. Similarities there is, they both have controllers, and PS had that before the XBOX. Sony even had a console before Microsoft. A good feature is worth copying if possible. Everybody does that and I mean everybody.

Schmitty074458d ago

Having the same thing as PSP is kinda lame, but whatever

CyberSentinel4458d ago

Another game that has to be loaded to HDD. Nice long load time to. I love it.

Arkham4458d ago

Wow, only 3 morons in the first 5 posts. Not bad for a PS3 story on this site.

DEIx15x84458d ago

Anyone else find the 1080P screen interesting? That means that you must use a TV with HDMI, not component and no cheaper more readily available computer monitor option and even more interesting is the fact that it says that the PS3 is already implementing the digital rights management thing that HD-DVD and Blu-Ray decided to hold off on. That will most likely cause problems for anyone with an HDTV with HDMI that is not less than two months old.

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