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Our latest editorial from managing editor Esteban Cuevas. Is the Wii U down for the count?

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zeal0us1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

In this early in the stage to give an answer. Currently it may not be doing as good as PS4 and XB1 but this generation is just start. We don't know what the final outcome may look like. So its best to wait before declaring it a failure right now.

KillerPwned1988d ago

Thank you for your wise words bubbles+

Bobby Kotex1988d ago

So somehow magically you expect the Wi U sales to jump? It's been out for a year without competition. Now it's harder than ever. Go ahead and downvote me if you have a problem with the truth.

Theallplatformer1988d ago

In Japan sales have jumped for the Wii U placing it Under the 3DS XL meaning 2nd place in the Sales charts.

B-radical1988d ago

Gotta remember it's the games and price that sell systems. So far wii u is cheapest currently and has the most games.

I just dont see EA and activision and other companies supporting it for 3rd party games much longer.

But atm the wii u has killer exclusives is it enough to sell alot of systems?

wonderfulmonkeyman1988d ago

People were saying exactly what you are saying now, about the 3DS during its sales slump at the beginning.

Jumps happen, and the Wii U is just as eligible for one as any console.

Downvote if YOU have a problem with the truth.

namefaceguy1988d ago

Exactly, people try to compare this to the 3DS but the 3DS is a handheld and Nintendo has historically dominated that market. The wii sold a lot of consoles but most of the casuals didn't play many games. Nintendo tried again to release old hardware and call it next gen and customers had no interest. The wiiU will probably sell some more units when Smashbros and Mario Kart come out but it's really not going to make that much of a difference. The system has one more year to prove itself and if it doesn't then Nintendo should really consider going third party for home consoles and focus on handheld.

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Sarcasm1988d ago

It's hasn't "failed" but it is "failing." Who knows, they could make a miracle recovery for all we know. Hardware revision, certain games, and maybe even that certain price point could make it come back to some sort of decent performance.

GamingPrecision1988d ago

Not comparing the Wii U to the PS4 or Xbox One.

miyamoto1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

A failure is a failure.

Iwata said it and admit it himself.

Nintendo: We have failed to establish Wii U as a "worthy" Wii successor

"Except for its backward compatibility with existing Wii software and accessories, we have so far failed to make propositions worthy of Wii U's position as a successor to the Wii system," Iwata said during Nintendo's second quarter financial results briefing.

"The "key title" and "central pillar" for Wii U this holiday season, Iwata said, is Super Mario 3D World, which will be released on November 22. Other games that Nintendo has high hopes for are Wii Party U (ideal to play at New Year's holiday gatherings, Iwata said) and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games."

We all know how these went down. 3D Mario failed to sets the charts on fire too.

The 3DS was a failure too at launch.

I bet by their so called "Nintendo-like sales" standards Wii U is a massive failure. It is what it is.

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iamnsuperman1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

It is too early to say (as they can turn the go around) but I do think the inclusion of a tablet controller was a mistake. It shot up the price per unit and it came across as an extra accessory to the Wii (with its advertising focusing on trying to take some market share from the tablet market with a device that is barely a tablet)

If Nintendo were clever and thought about it they would have had their 3DS play that role (tablet controller role) and spent more money on the Wii Us hardware (the money that was used for the tablet controller) or made the device ridiculously cheap (that worked very well for the Wii)

-Foxtrot1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

It should of came with an upgraded Gamecube controller....I mean look at what could of been

Pretty neat concept drawing right

Concertoine1988d ago

yeah not bad
i wish that with the release of smash bros 4 they will put out a replica of the gamecube controller. they would sell loads - people have been using that controller for smash for over a decade, theyd be stupid to not make one.

Jay70sgamer1988d ago

Why do people make a big nothing of the tablet controller I love it ..if you don't like the tablet controller get the pro controller or wimote ...easy as that's not like you don't have an option .....just saying

iamnsuperman1988d ago

The tablet controller has driven up the cost of the device. That is my point. Nintendo struggles with third party support and £250 is a big ask if you can only play Nintendo titles (which have been few and far between right now). Offsetting that cost with better hardware or by making the device cheaper would have been a better root with this second screen stuff being done through the 3DS (again if they thought about it in advance)

People like you wont mind as you like it but the same effect could have been achieved by having it cheaper and the second screen stuff done through the 3DS as Nintendo has always struggled with the third party so it is their software anyway which can push that "gimmick/functionality&qu ot;. It is too late now but it would have been a much better choice (for both the Wii U and 3DS)

Jay70sgamer1988d ago

I disagree the cost of the controller isn't or was the problem the wii u problem has to do in the beginning of the year with the no games your point I have yet to hear people that actual has a wii u complain about the tablet controller ...yes it made the cost higher to produce for nintendo but in actuality the 3rd party hasn't been with nintendo since the 64 so all the adding power into the machine instead of the cost of having the tablet doesn't matter's all about the games because the wii u is early in its life they just haven't utilized it much but whos to say as time pass they won't they said zelda is gonna use the tablet controller extensively and the games that utilized it are great ZombiU,deus ex,rayman legend,splinter cell like i stated previously if a person doesn't like it just get a pro controller or wimote shrugs.....remember all the big 3 and developers feel 2 screen game play is definitely part of gaming in the future ....

Bubbamilk1987d ago

Thank you jay70sgamer!
Also I love the pro controller. It feels great and I still use the gamepad with maps and such. And on the tablet controller, just last night I was in the middle of an online game, bf4 on the ps4, and my girlfriend needed the tv real quick. My mind instantly went to the countless times where this has happened while playing black ops2 on my wii u online. Don't even have to find a remote the tablet is the remote. After a couple buttons I had changed the input and channel, set the volume for her, switched to off tv play, and didn't even have enough time to be shot in the process. Continued playing until she was done. Not an option with my ps4. I had to jump out of the match prematurely.

The gamepad is priceless and condemned only by people who don't own one.

Jay70sgamer1987d ago

@bubbamilk thank you ......its a excellent controller and I agree people that complain are people that don't have a wii u and think it's a gimmick ...smh ohwell their loss's truly innovative

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Embolado1988d ago

Hope not, just bought one for my daughter for the holidays. Might even buy Monster Hunter 3, for myself :D

Simco8761988d ago

It's not turning into a Wii, and that's what Nintendo needs. Wii U = Dreamcast....

B-radical1988d ago

Dreamcast was a powerful masterpiece. Wii u is a weak (compared to x1 and ps4 anyway) console that tried to be innovative with its touchscreen controller. Ps4 also supports this with the vita.

Wii u atm i think only has games going for it......It's a hassle to not even be able to play blu-ray (no dvd could of been dreamcast downfall)

Reeze1987d ago

Honestly, I have played DVDs on the 360. My mom kept complaining because there was this EXTREMELY loud "bzzzzzzzzzrrr" noise constantly coming from the machine.

Gaming machines are not intended to do that. DVD players are for playing DVDs. Gaming consoles are for games.

AKR1988d ago

Dreamcast failed because it was the product of a company that kept flip-flopping around with their hardware and were nearly broke. The Dreamcast failed because it could no longer be supported.

Nintendo, on the other hand, is sitting on 16-billion dollars in the bank; a stack that isn't going to disappear overnight.

PS3 didn't sell and still hasn't sold anywhere near what PS2 did; does that make it a failure? No, of course not.

Try again.

Rustynail1987d ago

Um, Nintendo are doing the same, they also keep flip-flopping around with their hardware, in many ways the Wii U and Dremcast remind of each other a lot, both have third party support, both, have a screen on the controller, and both were doomed when their competitors released their new consoles.

Their competition are always ready to throw dollars around to get the software people want and in Microsoft's case spend millions of dollars to get the software people want, are Nintendo willing to do that? Are they just gonna say ''we have money in the bank''? Because quite frankly nobody gives a shit how much money they have, their competitors are giant worldwide multi billion dollar corporations, they have money too and are gonna do what it takes to stay ahead of the game, leaving Nintendo behind, unless Nintendo get their act togehter, that money is useless. People aren’t gonna buy a system that has less of what they want unless they’re diehard fans of those specific games, and in many cases they’d have to be such huge fans that the idea of paying $300 just to play that one game with a big maybe for anything else they’d want to play in the future would be acceptable to them.

Reeze1987d ago


Microsoft and Sony are giant corporations, but their gaming divisions aren't.

"Um, Nintendo are doing the same, they also keep flip-flopping around with their hardware, in many ways the Wii U and Dremcast remind of each other a lot, both have third party support, both, have a screen on the controller, and both were doomed when their competitors released their new consoles. "

1. How are they flip-flopping with their hardware?
2. Huh, isn't the common argument that the Wii U DOESN'T have 3rd party support?
3. So the Wii U is doomed because the Dreamcast had a tiny screen with completely different functions?
4. The Wii U is far from doomed. In fact, its sales are just now starting to gain momentum. They're advertising a LOT, and that's sure to make a HUGE difference this month.

Lord_Frieza1988d ago

wait until mario kart 8, smash bros and zelda wii u come out then we'll discuss this topic
wii u isn't gonna go down without a fight

tuglu_pati1988d ago

Yeah lets wait for Mario Kart 8,9,10,11,12, Smash Bros who knows what and Zelda what number is the next? Nintendo need new IP's the old one are great but they need to mix it up a little bit.

BosSSyndrome1988d ago

going at the pace the have been, itll take another 30 f**kin years before they get up to MK12.
How many CoDs are there?

Rustynail1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Zelda u haven't even been announced. People said the same half a year ago saying wait for this and wait for that, shits aren't gonna change, face it Wii U is a flop.

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