Making a Next-Gen Superman Game: 20 Game Developers Tell Us How

GamerFitNation presents the Superman Game Project, in which 20 video game developers answer the question: Is it possible for a game developer to create a good Superman Game?

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Hope you guys like the video.

NewMonday2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

DCUO did it great, my character is based on Superman and plays great, flaying all over Metropolis gave me nerdgasms.

as for the difficulty of his invincibility Superman is powered down in the recent movie incarnation, he is no longer the planet pusher he was in the silver age.

XboxFun2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I don't understand this...There are enemies and weapons that can hurt Superman. How is he any different from Wolverine who is also basically invulnerable.

And the stripping of Superman powers?? That is the cheap and easy way out!

It has to be an open world that is fully destructible. He can fight Parasite, Bizarro, he can fight Intergang that are equipped with Apocalypse weapons, he can fight anyone from Apocalypse who are all New Gods, he can fight Zod and Kryptonian criminals from the phantom zone, imps from the 5th dimension, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Brainiac!

C'mon it's as if none of these developers are comic fans.

TopDudeMan2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I didn't watch the video, but I think it would be good if he had to earn his powers back gradually so there's progression in the game.

Like if someone made an altered version of kryptonite- pick your colour (they do this all the time anyway- don't see why they can't invent one for the purposes of a game) and infected superman with it right at the beginning and it could cause superman to lose his powers for a fixed period of time. Then as you play through the game he'll find he's gradually powering up again (cue upgrade system) and you could buy upgrades for each of his powers to make them better. Then when you have all the upgrades, you're fully superman again.

joab7772477d ago

Its easy....give it to Rocksteady! They seem ti b able to understand the perspective of the hero himself or herself.


Did you watch the video? They had a Deer in the headlights moments when it came to Superman. Rocksteady answered as well.

gamejediben2477d ago

The biggest obstacle to a great Superman game is that we need a game engine that can support fully destructible open worlds and as far as I know, no such game engine exists. The closest thing would be DICE's Frostbite engine but even that was not designed for full destruction, just scripted "levelution" if certain parameters are met.

Superman requires a truly NEXT next-gen game engine. He is "lighting the way" but we just can't "join him in the sun" yet.

Maybe 5 years from now?

Am_Ryder2477d ago

In Red Faction: Guerrilla, every building was destructable. It was incredible. Get it for super cheap if you haven't played it yet.

You could literally ram your car into a building in a town, blow it up and the whole building would collapse, fire a mini black hole into a petrol station, watch the whole thing shrink away, take your hammer to a warehouse and knock out all the foundations so it collapsed...

The landscape wasn't destructible, but the world was, fully.

I agree with you really though, we need more fidelity and freedom in the destruction- incl all the innards of a skyscraper and collapsing physics- to make a great superhero game.

gamejediben2476d ago

Yeah I thought about that game but it wasn't open world. It had small chunks of a world that you could destroy stuff in. But you would have to load another area if you left.

What I'm talking about would be like GTA with Red Faction's destruction + landscape destruction. It's just not possible with current technology. Maybe Frostbite 4 could handle it. But it's a ways off.

Also, to all the people saying Superman is too powerful or undefinable: What do say about Thor or Hulk or even Wolverine? Hulk and Wolverine have both had excellent games. I think it's only a matter of time before we see an awesome Superman game.

CNCOMICS2477d ago

Awesome video. I actually sat down and pondered to myself why Superman games fail, and it's because he's not "definable". Batman is definable, he's somewhere between 2 to 3 marks above the average human; as for Superman, he's not. Just look at his weaknesses: magic, Kryptonite, a light from a red sun, similarly powered beings; unobtainable things for a normal person. Hell, even dying is questionable, as it's been shown that he actually goes into a coma-like state; and even in All-Star Superman, despite mimicking a nuclear reactor, he's supposedly alive and fixing the sun?!

The bottom line is like what some of the developers have said, he's so powerful, that the story must make sense in why he can take damage and/or why he's gimped.

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