Can Policing Online Activity Become Overbearing?

CCC Says: "“Let your brother play!”
“Turn that game off and do your homework!!”
“Lights out in five minutes, I don’t care if you ARE on the last level!!!”
Odds are, you’ve probably heard one of the above yelled down the stairs at some point in your life by your Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa. No matter who it came from, it usually signified the same thing; authority figures in gaming are a huge bummer."

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porkChop1990d ago

"Now, online play comes down to two choices: play multiplayer and ignore the obnoxious players on mic or turn off your console."

Or you can mute them which nearly all multiplayer games allow.

Tapioca Cold1989d ago

I wish moms and dads grandmas and grampas yelled, "Stop sniping, you pussy! Battlefield is a team game! When I was young we would have cut off your heads!"

Sadly, to no avail. I don't think anyone can stop the sissy parade these days.

I'm the guy who just took your tags BTW...oh, and won.