Watch Out For An Email From Xbox Live (Free Xbox Monies)

Xbox is emailing select users with an offer for free Xbox Live Rewards when they sign up for Bing Rewards

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darthv721985d ago

bing rewards really does work. I have to search the web for various items and mfg's on a daily basis. so why not get something back for my time?

I have used my rewards points for entries to win xbox 1, xblive points (now $$$) and discounts on things from amazon and other online retailers.

I especially like how there is no bing redirect virus like there is a google redirect virus, at least....not yet (thankfully).

Many will simply pass on bing because its from MS when it really is a good search engine.

famoussasjohn1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

There's not much of a difference between Google and Bing. Just a logo, at least with Bing you can join up on the Bing Rewards and get prizes for your searches.

I've gotten a good amount from the Bing rewards, about $50 in MS points, and about $150 in amazon credit. You can have up to 5 accounts per your home address.

rick09261985d ago

Well 2000 points is actually $2, but hey it's still free money

rick09261985d ago

Quote from
— What is the monetary value of Rewards Credits?
A. 5,000 Rewards Credits are equal to $5 USD.
Therefore, 2000 = $2

famoussasjohn1985d ago

I had the bing rewards account, got about $150 in amazon gift cards. Got lazy of doing searches every day lol.

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