Lightning's Sexy FFXIV Miqo'te Costume Most Voted by JP Playstation Gamers Followed by Yuna's Kimono

The Japanese official PlayStation Community held a poll to determine what’s the most popular costume for Lightning in Lightining Returns: Final Fantasy XIII between Japanese PS3 players, and the results were fairly unsurprising.

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dericb111988d ago

Lighting may not have the most fans but I bet she gained a few after seeing that outfit.

Abriael1988d ago

Actually in Japan she does have the most fans

assdan1988d ago

It's sad they've done this to a really good female character that wasn't overly sexualized. Leave it to Japan though to make it weird.

Agent_hitman1988d ago

SE is pimping Lightning not only to gamers but also to young children..

They're running out of ideas on how to revive FF series.

rextraordinaire1988d ago

Yes because all the fans crying for a remake of FFVII because they'd rather pimp Cloud is a -much- -better- -idea-.

Lord_Sloth1988d ago

It's funny....This s all I've really ever heard about XIII-3. Lightning's bigger boobs, Lightning's jiggle physics, Lightning's revealing outfits...I expect this kind of talk among the fanbase but not from the developers. I expect this from DoA, not FF.

Welcome2Die1988d ago


How about a mime costume?