The Order 1886 Dev On Making The City Explorable: "That’s Always The Struggle”

Ru Weerasuriya reveals few interesting details about the game's design.

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SeanScythe1986d ago

I don't mind games that aren't open world if the story is done right. Uncharted & TLoU isn't open world and they were awesome. Games like GTA5 and infamous and AC are great open world games, but I often find myself too side tracked from the main story. So I tend to forget what's going on when I pick up the main story again.

Mr_cheese1986d ago

there is a very fine line with open world games to get them right, so I really hope that it is pulled off well.

I hope this game is as good as the hype is building it up to be.

joab7771986d ago

Perfectly put. I think the last of us is the PERFECT example of how to create a living, breathing world that allows exploration and item hunting but never breaks story or immersion. Often in linear games I want to explore more...but also many times in open world games there is a lot of nothing and seems to simply b a backdrop. Noone has ever claimed that Bioshock wwasn't open enough...b/c it also walks this line perfectly. Dishonored is another great example. If 1886 can give us a real, detailed world that can b explored without sacrificing the story, it will b great. No need for every game to be just cause.

Destrania1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Exactly. Well said. I have a really great feeling and high hopes for The Order, no doubt. Also, if anyone hasn't seen this yet they should. Incredible.

SeanScythe1985d ago

@Destrania The screen shots look great and that's old build images. I just hope they fix the weapon clipping on his back.

That's something they should be able to resolve this Gen. There is no reason a weapon on your characters back should be passing through their body. If you are making a game with so much detail then make sure everything fits.

Guwapo771986d ago

I prefer linear games as I have to have structure in my game. Doing anything whenever I want to does not motivate me understanding the storyline. I'm like "oh squirrel" and totally forgot why I was even playing it in the first place. I guess I'm just too old school, almost 40, I need help staying focused. lol

ColeMacGrath1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

"Justifying the game’s design Ru Weerasuriya stated that making the city explorable is something ”that’s always the struggle.”"

Personally, I'd prefer if you'd delay the game just to expand the world and make it perfectly awesome rather than to be limited with exploration, I really enjoy huge open-world games filled with tons of content and Easter-eggs like in GTA5 and Skyrim more than the limited ones , they add lots of extra hours into gameplay, but that's just my opinion. So the bigger the world with less bugs/glitches, the better.

HeavenlySnipes1986d ago

That's why in the article he said those games are only good if they have something to give back

Being open world just for the sake of it does nothing to make the game fun. A lot of open world games are filled with vast amounts of nothing with fetch quests used to force you to go to various places they've copied and pasted.

I'd rather have a Bioshock Infinite/Last of Us/Tomb Raider etc experience with semi expanded ares that are explorable but keep the player progressing through the story

ColeMacGrath1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

"I'd rather have a Bioshock Infinite/Last of Us/Tomb Raider etc experience with semi expanded ares that are explorable but keep the player progressing through the story"

To each his own, I'm sure the game is going to surprise us all no matter how big it is, storyline and gameplay focus are the most important points but additional stuff like more exploration would certainly make it better (for some people at least). I do care MOSTLY about how well the story is, but I also like to continue exploring the game after I beat the story, it's not necessary but sure adds more play time to the game.

staticdash221986d ago

This is not an open world game, if you want exploration then play one of those.

The focus on this game, is the narrative and the tight gameplay mechanics. I', sure they will have sandbox style levels where you can interact with civilians and go into houses, etc.

ColeMacGrath1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Is it confirmed whether it's open world or not? If so, would you please give me the source of confirmation?

curtis921986d ago

We'll have our fair share of open world this gen. I'm fine with linear experiences if the story and setting are good. The setting seems to be awesome so they're half way there.

SirBradders1986d ago

I agree sometimes i feel there is to much random stuff in open world games just to try and fill a void and it gets repetetive. Sometimes i just love a good story without having to spend time travelling between missions or grinding sh*t.

RevXM1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Im fine ith linear games, but its questionable once it becomes more like ON RAILS.

A game should allow for some exploration and diversety.
Last of us did very well, and more recently KZ shadow fall.

Infamous is my favourite open world franchise, it so well executed. Partly I think its because it puts Linear in to open and guides me through a story rather than drawing me out of it just for the sake of a possibly endless stream of frivolities.

Its always focused and everything is tied to consequences and the story. It feels more directed than many open games where I loose myself. Frivolities are not always a bad thing, but some games rely too much on such. GTA 5 offer it, I dont know whether it does it bad or good as i havent played it in its entirety, but Saints row... No one I know ever talk about the story in saints row.