Elder Scrolls Online Still Angers Fans

In a case of stuck between a rock and a hard place, Bethesda's latest trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online, released to YouTube today, has been attacked by both fans of MMOs and fans of The Elder Scrolls.

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-Foxtrot1992d ago

In my opinion it looks like a typical World of Warcraft clone with Elder Scrolls slapped on the title


Those comments which mostly consist of something like "Why don't they just make co-op/multiplayer for the main game" I highly disagree with.

I thought the most positive thing about the Elder Scrolls Online will be the fact that Bethesda will NEVER and have NO reason to put those features in their great single player games.

matgrowcott1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I think the fact that people want it is reason enough. I can see why; the idea of exploring a massive open world on that scale with a friend is exciting, especially for those of us that play a lot of multiplayer.

So long as it isn't forced and doesn't take anything away from the base game, I say go for it. Rather that than shoehorn that experience into a below average, subscription-based MMO.

mewhy321992d ago

I have to say that I was hyped about this game but when I found out that it was pay to play I wrote it off.

matgrowcott1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


Subscription-based MMOs are rare now, because there's so many fantastic games that are free-to-play. It's just these big publishers, they think the IP alone deserves the monthly fee.

There's not been a single game released in the last few years that's not proven that completely wrong.

EDIT: And that's why The Elder Scrolls Online will probably end up free-to-play by next Christmas.

-Foxtrot1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

It should never happen....NEVER

If these people are experiencing Elder Scrolls or Fallout and go " know what this game is lacking...ONLINE" then they don't like the game for what it is, and that's a great single player game which pulls you into this massive fantasy realm you can escape to.

"especially for those of us that play a lot of multiplayer."

No offence but then these people should go and find another multiplayer game or ask a studio to release a game with co-op built from the ground up like Borderlands or L4D. Not every game these days need online and Elder Scrolls and even Fallout are one of the last bunch of games like it.

"and doesn't take anything away from the base game"

Thats the thing will

The main reason against co-op or a multiplayer feature in general because it's Bethesda, they can't do their SINGLE PLAYER games without bugs so how are they going to do a complicated feature like co-op without bugs. Overall their games will be more bug filled and most of the development time will be spent of those features which will take stuff away from the single player part of the game.

Then you have the fact that AFTER release instead of working on the single player bugs most of that time will be spent of the online bugs...not too mention DLC might take longer to come out because most of the team will be spent on the problems caused by the new online features

So yeah....people aren't really thinking this through. If you play this game and the first thing you think of is about an online feature then again the game isn't for you and I don't see why another single player game should be ruined because of that. People will show off to their friends for a month or so and they'll end up going onto the next co-op/online game they happens

Enjoy the game for what it's for...and always has been. A great single player RPG experience.

matgrowcott1991d ago


You're making a few big presumptions, stuff that can't really be backed up until Bethesda actually tried to pull it off, or at least until we see how well their brand of open world works with an upgrade in the lowest common denominator hardware.

As for your comments on people that want multiplayer, that's not really for you to decide. If the feature was there, people would make use of it. Whether you want it or not, that doesn't detract from the fact that it was a much-requested feature when Skyrim came out, and it'll no doubt be something people want when TESVI is announced.

They're not wrong.

NukaCola1991d ago

I am not paying $15 a month to play this. That is way too expensive.

-Foxtrot1991d ago

"You're making a few big presumptions, stuff that can't really be backed up until Bethesda actually tried to pull it off"

It can't be backed up but you can take a huge guess after what Bethesda as a developer is like and when you think about all you can think about is "Whats the's not worth the risk". So yeah I don't want to wait until it's pulled off because if it ends up being worse then past ES games because of these online features then where going to have to wait another 3-4 years before the next one comes out. Plus instead of getting rid of it if they did try it and it dsen't work it they'll try harder to make it work which could make the next game even worse single player wise.

So no...I wouldn't want to wait untill they "try it" because I wouldn't want them to waste their time on it

"As for your comments on people that want multiplayer, that's not really for you to decide"

I'm not speaking for myself though, I'm speaking for those Elder Scroll/Fallout gamers who like the game as it is...or maybe I'm speaking for those single player lovers who hate the fact that single player is dying out with AAA games.

"hat it was a much-requested feature when Skyrim came out"

Yeah...mostly by people who have never played an Elder Scrolls game in their life and can't wait until "Skyrim 2" comes out /s

Them type of people don't think about the consequences of their requests as I've said most people think it's just an easy to do feature when it's not, to much manpower and resources would go into this feature and because it's Bethesda more bugs will be would end up ruining the single player core part of the game which is what the franchise has been built up around and for what, players who will use the feature to show off to their friends and then will ditch the games a few weeks after to go on something else while single player gamers will be left with a dumbed down, bug ridden single thanks.

"and it'll no doubt be something people want when TESVI is announced."

Well they can keep wanting it but I hope it never happens. Whoever wants those silly features in games like this obviously don't like the game for it is. Why change the franchise into something it isn't. Go and wait for Fable Legends or something if that's the case.

-wub-1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

The people that wanted MP in TES now have ESO, leave TES the way it is for us that don't ask for MP.

Mainsqueeze1991d ago

I have played the game many times and I can safely say it feel nothing like "ES with friends" or ES at all for that matter. Its like they thought adding really crappy, live-ish action combat and having all the ES races are the only things that make it ES.

ShinMaster1991d ago

I would have liked it if the experience was similar to Skyrim's... but with friends.

Instead, it's just a generic MMO.

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JsonHenry1991d ago

Yeah, the fact that we want Co-op in a regular Skyrim game should be more than reason enough to add it in. This Online version may be somewhat successful once it goes the F2P route that is almost certainly going to happen.

-Foxtrot1991d ago

Yeah and by "we" you mean the minority of ES/Fallout fans and a large potion of fans who have just came into this series with Skyrim.

Why would you want to ruin a franchise with such a meaningless feature.

It's not like the game is terrible without it. Wait untill a mod gets done or something on the PC by mods if you want it that badly like mods did with Just Cause 2

JohnnyTower1991d ago

@Foxtrot- Dude, Im with you. It seems like a great Single Player experience is waning. I couldn't give a crap about Titanfall because of that and Destiny sure sounds like the exact same thing. Im glad I don't feel so much like the minority now. This guy gets it.

TheRealTedCruz1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I was calling this trash ever since I got early access. Only now that the beta released am I getting people who don't attack me over saying so.

dcj05241991d ago

How about this. The team that is working on ELO transfer their work to the next Elder Scrolls. They would focus EXCLUSIVELY on the online portion with guidance by Bethesda and Beyhseda focuses EXCLUSIVELY on the single-player part. When bugs arise the 2 teamswill work on their appointed sections of the game. This will be more expensive but doesn't require one mode to take away from another. Honestly I'd prefer CO-op instead though.

-Foxtrot1991d ago

They would still end up splitting the money they would of spent on just the one team because you would be needing two teams.

Now they could splash out a bit more money BUT you know what companies are like, less money on the team but more money gained in sales is MASSIVE profit for them and that's what they would want.

I'd rather see the money go to the team we already have since they will be able to do more single player wise and will be able to spend more on resources they need.

It's like what happened with Bioware on Mass Effect 3 with the delay, EA apparently got another team to do the online but they could of spent that money on the main team so they could of finished the Omega DLC and put it in the main game and possibly get a better ending finished.

CaptainCamper1991d ago

Anyone that calls this a WoW clone has not been following development. Not going to waste my time explaining is as they're a lost cause but an hour on Google will show the huge difference in features as well as the famous Elder Scrolls elements that will be featured.

KrisButtar1991d ago

My friends and I all love the TES games. We all started playing since Morrowwind to Skyrim. We all still play them often even today and a few of us have reached over lv200 in Skyrim a few times with different characters. We all would love to just drop into each others world and and do a little co-op(up to 4 friends) once in a while and help each other on quests. This whole MMO thing is not what any of us wanted.

We want the Single player experience, with the odd friend joining in with their character to play co-op for a bit then let us go back to our single player experience. I'm the only one now even willing to give TESO a chance ATM, because no one I know will pay the sub, to be forced to play with others when they only want to play co-op sometimes.

Also the fact that they said you could go all across Tamriel and go where you want, but looking at the world map it doesn't seem promising. For example it doesn't seem like you can explore Skyrim at all from the map I looked at.

I'm still going to follow this game but my friends are going to wait for TES VI and hope that they can explore all of Tamriel and wish for drop in/drop out co-op.

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