Japan's PS3 Victorian Waffle Iron Kiosk (Can't Play, Can't Buy)

Sony has been rolling out new PS3 kiosks across Japan. They're not playable and show pre-renders of launch games like Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire. The reaction? Foot-traffic stopping. Here, flabbergasted customers were brought to a stand-still.

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InMyOpinion4457d ago

Only us westerners who are sceptic to pre-rendered graphics? I guess Confucius never wrote "The proof is in the pudding"...

THWIP4457d ago

...loyal to Japanese products, to a fault. MS could give away Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, AND Dead Rising, and they STILL couldn't sell the 360 in Japan.
I really wish MS would just forget Japan, and concentrate on the rest of the globe. Sony really only cares about Japan, U.S. and Europe.

kmis874457d ago

If, as an example, Mitsubishi released a game console and made nothing but drift racing games and gundam games, resulting in poor sales in America and Europe, the Japanese would be saying "typical westerners, loyal to their own products to a fault." The simple fact of the matter is Microsoft has consistently failed to provide a steady stream of content that appeals to the Japanese gamers. First person shooters won't cut it over there. Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are the first real attempts by Microsoft to cater to the Japanese gamer, and we won't see any change in xbox's success in Japan until they are released. Even then that's only two games, and more need to be released and at a steady, consistent rate to get Japanese consumers to buy 360s.

calderra4456d ago

...but he's pointing out at the 360 has / is getting Dead or Alive. And Blue Dragon. And Lost Oddyssey. And Dead Rising. And Lost Planet. And FFXI. And Phantasy Star Universe. And Enchanted Arms. And....

Marty83704457d ago

If M$ walks away from Japan,they will loose Nex Gen war.M$ would be handing victory to PS3 or Wii.Japan is a major market,that X360 is'nt doin well in,and never will.Thats why X360 will never win on market share.

kmis874457d ago

Actually, the most important part of the Japanese market is developer support, which the 360 would lose if they abandoned Japan.

CyberSentinel4457d ago

....cause thats, ALL YOUR GETTING THIS YEAR!

PS360PCROCKS4457d ago

The most annoying thing about people is the stupid things they say like "OMG IT'S SO AMAZING AHHHHH I WANT ONE" ok it's kinda funny considering the fact that the only reason they havent seen games like this yet is they havent payed attention

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