5 Reasons the Video Game Industry Is About to Crash

J.F. Sargent, Dave Williams: No one loves naysaying more than gamers: Everything that happens is the "worst ever" or the "beginning of the end" of a series. Well, I'm here to tell you that those people might be more right than anyone realizes.

I've worked on a few MMOs, as a programmer, game designer, lead systems designer, lead designer, and producer. My work hasn't won Game of the Year, but I've been around the block, and I can't help but notice that these days you can't browse a game forum without reading serious laments about the state of the industry and the occasional comparison to the video game crash of 1983 -- a collapse driven by a glut of indistinguishable games and an economic model that had stopped working long before anyone woke up and realized it.

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Godmars2902432d ago

Its going to happen, but doubt its going to be called a "crash".

A console maker or two might drop out, both MS and Sony could fold in that regard, while Steam boxes take over for the "hardcore" gamer, but aside from that and some belt tightening the industry as a whole wont feel a thing.

Phoenix762432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Dev's should be their own publisher's and not some publisher's lap-dog. Because that's when profit over ride's content. A lot of small Dev's now are heading to kickstater, and asking actual gamers to help finance projects. Last year I donated towards Frontier Development's, ELITE:Dangerous, project, as David Braben had said he had 'had enough of the endless red-tape and interference from non-gaming bodies with their vision of gaming'(i.e.Publishers).

StockpileTom2432d ago

This is a huge problem in the industry as publishers won't let their creative directors do their job. This has lead to the decline of many series (including SOCOM). Only the most successful and renowned creative directors even get enough slack to see their vision through (Kojima for example)

The way publishers handle things need to stop since they only follow the stats and those stats are always biased toward doing the same thing over and over. They then inflate the stats by doing this simply because that is almost all they do...

These businessmen don't understand the concept of a statistical artifact...

mrnefarious2427d ago

This is the best thing that's been posted on this site in weeks and ... 4 responses.